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Anxiety, Insomnia, and Wellness Update

I can personally feel myself emerging from a slump, almost like a spring flower in bloom. I’m shaking off old habits and replacing them with new ways of life. I’m sleeping better, eating better, feeling more energized, and most importantly, I feel continuous joy. I have shared my history of postpartum anxiety and my sleep struggles in the past. If publicly speaking about it helps one person, I will be happy. It is a lonely journey to walk through alone and I hope my story helps you know that you are not alone. What has changed for me recently? I’ve adopted a few new habits and I’ll speak about them now with an anxiety update.


As a college cheerleader and personal trainer for years, my weight was an unhealthy obsession. I spent years stressing over numbers, counting every single calorie. I let most of that go many years ago, but let’s face it, birthing three children did a number on my body. My regular exercise routine was no longer cutting it. Also, the lack of childcare to visit the gym was a struggle. Then I found Madeline Moves. I love her workouts and how easy I can use them at home or in the gym. I have noticed a big difference in my body and I am feeling stronger, which is so important to me.


I recently purchased an air fryer and I’m loving the ease of cooking and making healthier choices while using it. I shared my favorite salmon recipe here. I’m currently exploring new recipes and will share our favorites with you soon!


Six weeks ago, I started using Equilibria products and they have been life changing. I have been prescribed medication the use as needed for sleep and anxiety. I have not used a prescription in six weeks since starting the CBD products by Equilibria. Also, I am calm and less reactive to events in my life. For example, my car broke down right before school pickup. Normally, I would have been a ball of nerves, trying to figure out the best thing to do. Instead, I was able to calmly formulate a plan and execute it, without all of the anxiety. I feel much more focused and I’m finding more joy in my day as well. Click HERE and receive 15% off using the code THECOASTALOAK (affiliate link). As always, I’m not here to give medical advice, I’m simply sharing my journey with you. All medical decisions should be discussed and evaluated with a professional.

I do believe that seeking wellness is a personalized journey and I hope that you can find joy in your day as well! Have a wonderful weekend!


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