Decorating with Art and Pillows from My Favorite Lowcountry Small Shops

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Supporting Lowcountry Local Small Shops

Now is an important time to support your favorite Lowcountry small shops. I’m teaming up with a few of my favorite local shops to show you how to add Lowcountry touches when decorating your home. The combination of beautiful pillows and local fine art will give you gorgeous aesthetics in your home. I also have a surprise for you, with GIVEAWAY details at the end of this post.

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Decorative Pillows from Emily Daws Textiles

Emily Daws is a Charleston-based textile designer. From the barrier islands to the cobblestone streets, her illustrations are inspired by the Lowcountry. In addition to fabrics and wallcoverings, she also offers a full line of home decor, made locally in her Johns Island workroom.

Tropical palm leaf print throw pillows in aqua blue and gray sit on a bench, up against a staircase in an entry way. #lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Emily Daws Textiles
Five decorative pillows from a Lowcountry small business sit lined up on bar chairs against a white call. The pillows are charcoal gray, white, and silver with various patterns including abstract florals and palm leaves.#lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Emily Daws Textiles
This four posted bed is dressed with pillows and linens from one of my favorite Lowcountry small businesses for pillows and textiles. The white and gray floral motif linens match the gray four poster bedframe. #lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Emily Daws Textiles
A single grayscale rose motif pattered throw pillow sits on a white upholstered chair, next to a gold and white marble side table against a plain white wall. #lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Emily Daws Textiles
Five decorative throw pillows lay stacked against a plain white wall. These throw pillows from my favorite Lowcountry small business for pillows and textiles have a neutral color palette with various coastal style patterns. #lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Emily Daws Textiles

Lowcountry Landscape Art from Rebecca Hoyle Fine Art

Rebecca Hoyle is a modern impressionist oil painter. Her canvas is a visual expression of her connection to light and landscapes. She offers all original works of art that are created in her Charleston, South Carolina studio and can be found on her website here.

This lowcountry landscape oil painting is an abstract landscape depicting a field, a small pond, and a clear blue sky. The painting is framed in a rustic dark wood frame. #lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Rebecca Hoyle
A collection of Lowcountry inspired landscape oil paintings on canvas lay scattered over empty picture frames in gold and silver. #lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Rebecca Hoyle
A lowcountry landscape oil painting hangs framed in a wide gold frame in the corner of a room, above a gray leather upholstered chair and matching console table.#lowcountryart #fineart #pillowshop #pillows #coastaldecor #coastalpillows #coastalart
Rebecca Hoyle
A large Lowcountry landscape oil painting on canvas shows an abstract landscape with trees, greenery, and coastline. The painting hands above a long console table decorated with various accessories.
Rebecca Hoyle

G – I – V – E – A – W – A – Y

I’m so excited to team up with Emily and Rebecca and offer my followers two amazing Lowcountry items. First, Emily is giving away one lumbar pillow (14″ x 22″) and insert of any in-stock fabric. Rebecca is giving away her oil painting “Distant Afternoon” or any 8×10 painting listed on her website. For more details and to enter, please head over to Instagram and see my giveaway post here.

This lowcountry landscape oil painting depicts an abstract landscape of a field, a small pond, and a clear blue sky. The painting is framed in a rustic dark wood frame.
Rebecca Hoyle

I hope you are all staying healthy and at home if possible! Be safe and be on the lookout for several posts getting published this week!


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