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What is the most visited room in your home by guests?  Where do they sit, ponder, and take in their surroundings?  It may sound crazy, but the powder room is a high traffic room in your home.  If you’re like us and for convenience, it’s probably the most used room by yourself and kids, so why not make it fun?


I wanted to use wallpaper somewhere in my house, but it is so darn expensive.  Therefore, I chose the smallest room, the powder room!  I played around with different patterns.  I love blue and found myself gravitating to blue wallpaper designs.  However, we painted our dining room navy, so I wanted to keep the wallpaper somewhat neutral.


Style Me Pretty

Once again I turned to Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration.  I loved these patterns but they were SO expensive.  Follow the links below each photo and show some love to these blogs and businesses.


May Richer Fuller Be


The Lily Pad Cottage


The Lily Pad Cottage


Amber Interior Design

I finally found amazing prints by Serena & Lily and while they were not cheap, they were not astronomical like most of their competitors.  I decided to go with their Palmetto print in “Bone.”  Not to mention, the fact that a California based company labeled it as “Palmetto,” I felt like it was a sign for this Carolina girl.


Serena and Lily Palmetto Wallpaper in Bone

We tried doing the wallpaper ourselves, but that was a big flop.  Not only is that powder room tiny and awkward, the ceilings are super high.  Then, literally NO ONE sells affordable wallpaper supplies locally.  You can find items in high end design stores and boutiques, but not within our budget.  The consultants at Home Depot and Lowe’s literally laughed in my face when I asked where the wallpaper supplies were located.  She said, “honey, we have stuff to REMOVE wallpaper but do you really want to INSTALL it?!”  Get with the times woman, it has made a comeback and ya’ll need to be prepared.


Listen, my mom put up a lot of wallpaper as we were growing up.  She is THE rockstar of wallpaper in the 1980s.  I had sunflower wallpaper in my bedroom as a kid, she is that good {looking back mom, what were we thinking?}.  Also, very rarely have I heard my mom swear.  It is just not part of her sweet and southern ways.  That is, until she attempted dealing with this small room, a ladder, and wallpaper.


{On a side note, we now know that Sherwin Williams is your friend here.  They carry some supplies and can order everything else for you.  Don’t even bother with large home improvement stores on this one, at least not in the Charleston areas.  They will laugh in your face}.


We threw in the towel and decided to hire someone to install the paper.  I had made a decision and found THE wallpaper, and I couldn’t return it so there was no turning back.


Insert ANOTHER joke.  There are maybe four people total in the Charleston area that install wallpaper.  Actually getting one to call you back was a task, they are a hot commodity working with designers only.  I brought one out for a quote, and I kid you not, he went on and on about how he is the best in Charleston, working exclusively downtown and with Kiawah homes.  Then he quoted me $2000 for the powder room.  WHAT!??!  Thanks for wasting 30 minutes of my life, the bathroom could be remodeled at that cost.  I am clearly in the wrong business.


Then, by word of mouth, I reached out to the last contact, a man named Jimmy.  Jimmy, an older gentleman, as southern as they come, came and did the job for a fraction of the cost.  He made me laugh, he loved on my dogs, and he was in and out within one day while I was at work.  If you need wallpaper and you live around here, HE IS YOUR MAN!  Jimmy is our new best friend (although I don’t see additional wallpaper in my future).



This concludes part one.  I love how the wallpaper turned out, but now we are on the hunt for a light fixture, mirror, and shelves above the toilet.  I have ordered three lights and returned all three.  I haven’t found that “right” fit yet.  I have replaced the mirror twice.  I have played around with replacing the hardware, brass and silver, or keeping with bronze.


It is so much fun to be so indecisive in home ventures and I am sure my husband loves that part, HA!  Have an opinion?  Please drop a comment below, I would love to know your thoughts for the rest of the room!


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