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Teak Dining Set

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Living in a coastal climate has it’s benefits, but it can be really rough on outdoor furniture. This is why you see beach homes and restaurants with beautiful teak outdoor dining sets. They’re made to last and withstand the weather. While teak is made to last, you’ll need to know how to maintain it. I’m sharing a durable teak dining set that is budget-friendly and on trend with home decor styles!

Outdoor patio with white Adirondack chairs and a teak dining set.

Teak Outdoor Dining Set

Teak wood is durable and has a beautiful natural color. Teak’s qualities make it ideal for outdoor dining sets, especially in coastal climates like Charleston, SC where we live. You’ll find teak used frequently for it’s water resistant qualities. You might be asking yourself if you really need to seal teak? I’ll discuss it’s qualities and the best way to care for teak next.

What is teak wood?

The first thing you need to know about teak is that it is actually a tropical wood. So that’s a yes for me! It’s native to the tropics and made for this climate. The teak tree species is in the family Lamiaceae and is a large deciduous tree that lives in mixed hardwood forests. This wood has been prized and used for centuries and we can thank the Dutch for importing it from Burma and Thailand and for using it for ship building. If the wood is durable for ship building, it surely can withstand our family!

Tablescape on teak dining table with floral plates and crepe myrtles.

You might be asking yourself though, why is teak a preferred wood for furniture? Teak has natural properties that make it valuable, with tight wood grain that houses rubber and natural oils. Because of the natural oils, teak is the most resistant wood to decay and rot. Another benefit? It’s almost water proofed and termites do not like teak.

While teak is a golden honey brown, it will darken with time. Don’t let this scare you away though, it’s easy to bring it back to life with age! Have you ever wondered why shower benches are all made from teak? Or boats? Because teak is made to last!

Teak Costs

You’ll find most teak is expensive, with the exception of a beautiful budget-friendly dining set from Walmart that I found for you! Why is teak typically expensive? Teak is one of the most sought after woods for it’s durability, therefore there is more demand for the wood, making it more expensive than other wood. It is also only grown in South East Asia and tropic areas, making it not readily available like other types of wood.

Applying Oil or Sealing Teak

While teak does not need to be sealed due to it’s durability, you can still seal it if you’re worried about it lasting. Teak produces natural oils that keep the wood in good condition. However, with time and sun, it will age into a silver color. There are two ways to keep it looking honey brown.

Fresh cut flowers in walmart vase on teak dining table.

First, you can use teak oil to keep the teak furniture looking new. While this works really well to restore teak, don’t overuse teak oil because it actually decreases the natural oil production in teak. Also, it’s not recommended to oil teak that has been sealed. Finally, select a quality product because some chemicals can damage the teak wood.

Second, you can take it step further and seal your teak furniture to keep it from aging or cracking in hard elements. There are several products to seal teak and they will give it added protection. Sealing teak will also lock in natural oils and help with sun protection.

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Our Outdoor Dining Set

We recently installed flagstone pavers and created a new outdoor living space. I love the cool color of the flagstone, but I wanted to add a little bit of warmth to the space. The new Ashbrook dining set at Walmart is perfect for the backyard.

The Ashbrook dining set is part of the Dave & Jenny Marrs for Better Homes and Gardens decor line at Walmart. This outdoor teak dining set is beautifully made and I can’t wait to share the space with friends and family to create new memories! Not only are the table and chairs durable because they’re made from teak, they’re stylish and comfortable as well.

Dining table set made from teak and with wicker woven dining chairs from walmart home.

Our dining table sits 6-8 people. We love the slatted style with a hole for an umbrella. The table is nice and wide and has matching chairs that comes in sets of two. The chairs are also made from 100% Grade A Teak Wood, with a wicker weaved back and seat. They come with comfortable cushions (that we are not currently using due to daily rain).

Wicker dining chair set woven and and made from teak.

Teak dining furniture looks great with coastal homes and I love the additional decor available at Walmart. Whether you love a classic, coastal look, or a slightly more modern look, Walmart has everything you will need to create a beautiful space.


Decorating a Teak Dining Table

While I was shopping for outdoor furniture, I also found so may beautiful decor items at Walmart. They have a wonderful selection of coastal home decor that looks great in any setting. I love the blue and natural elements mixed in with the warmth of the teak furniture.

Dining table setting with gingham linens and blue floral dishes.
Collage with blue pillows, teak dining set, outdoor furniture and decor.
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We can’t wait to entertain and have a lovely space to spend time with family and friends. Do you have teak furniture and love it? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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