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Halloween Finger Foods

My kids love Halloween and as soon as the fall decor hits the shelves, my family is ready to jump straight to Halloween. I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate “spooktacular” Halloween finger foods for snacks. If you’re looking for a fun way to get healthy snacks into your kids, these Halloween finger foods will do the trick (with little treats). The best part about all of these snacks? They’re healthy and available for pickup or delivery from Walmart!

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Halloween finger foods with mandarin orange pumpkins, spider sandwiches, and more.

Halloween Finger Foods

As a mom trying to make sure my little munchkins eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet, I’m always trying to think outside the box. My kids live for snacks. I mean, if they could, they would snack 24/7 and not eat a meal. When looking for ways to sneak in healthy fruits and veggies, fun themed finger foods will do the trick. Again, with little treats, can’t help myself. After being away from my kids for a week, I decided to do something special to spoil them for an after school snack and to welcome in the fall season. I know my kids will love snacking on this after a long day at school, and I can feel good knowing I’m serving them high quality and healthy options from Walmart!

Moving on, what is a finger food? Finger foods are simply foods that can conveniently be eaten with fingers. Also known as… a dream snack for my children. We’re not eating fingers around here, although I’ve seen cute Frankenstein fingers for appetizers, but today I’m sharing my favorite quick Halloween themed finger foods! The best part about all of these Halloween snacks? The kids can help decorate and put them together, you might end up missing a few candy eyes though.

1. Banana Ghosts

These are ridiculously easy to make and took no time at all. First, peel the fresh bananas and make sure you keep the edges pointy. I smushed a few and was able to reshape them. Then, you just stick on the candy eyes. You can also use decorative gel frosting as well.

Banana ghosts for halloween finger foods with edible eyes.

2. Spider Sandwiches

Ok, how cute are these little sandwiches? You can use your imagination and use anything from chicken salad (if your kids will eat that) or plain peanut butter. I made several sandwiches and then cut them in a circle with a cup. A cookie cutter or biscuit cutter will work as well! Then, you’ll need pretzel sticks for the legs. I just wedged them in and they stay put! Finally, add in the candy eyes and your kids are sure to love this Halloween finger food!

Spider sandwiches with pretzel legs and candy eyes.

3. Hummus Pumpkin

Hummus is a delicious and nutritious snack and when paired with celery and carrots, we’re winning in the veggie department! I filled these cute pumpkin bowls from Walmart with hummus and drew a few lines on to make it look more realistic. Finally, I peeled a few stripes on the cucumber and voila, you have a pumpkin hummus bowl!

4. Ghost Cheese

Another simple finger food that the kids will love, this is ghoushily cute! First, take a pack of cheese sticks (still in package) and separate them into individual sticks. Then, using a marker, color little eyes on the package. Put them in a cup and that’s it! Not exactly goat cheese, you’ve got ghost cheese (and good thing because my kids only eat mozzarella)!

Halloween finger foods with cheese sticks that looks like ghosts with eyes.

5. Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

Last but not least, we have mini pumpkins as finger foods. If we’re lucky, they’ll eat the celery stem as well! You’ll start by peeling the little mandarins and gently remove as many strings as you can… because you know how picky toddlers can be about their fruit. “Eweeee strings, yucky,” and I know you get it! Try to keep them all in one piece then place a small piece of celery in the opening. This tasty halloween finger food is a crowd favorite and honestly, it’s just an orange. It’s crazy what a little imagination will do to help the picky eaters!

Pumpkin oranges with celery stems that are perfect halloween finger foods for kids.

Everyday Needs from Walmart

We just got back from the most amazing trip in Belize and while I love to travel, coming back to the real world can be a harsh reality check. I love utilizing Walmart’s Online Grocery to make my life a little bit easier. Keep reading to learn all about how my family utilizes Walmart Online Grocery to not only save time, but also money without sacrificing quality on the everyday items that we need and love!

Walmart grocery delivery and pickup is a great timesaver.

I’m sure you know the feeling all too well of coming back from vacation and immediately thinking of allllll the things on your to-do list (that you conveniently forgot about while you were away). While I was so excited to get back to my kids and normal life, I definitely got a little overwhelmed thinking about getting my household ready for another week. Enter Walmart Online Grocery. While we were on the plane on the way home I was able to meal plan, make a grocery list, and place my order for delivery or pickup. It’s so nice knowing that I have something big checked off my to-do list before I even step foot in the front door.

With prices rising and the cost of everyday living going through the roof, it’s so nice knowing that we can get high-quality groceries and household items at amazingly low prices. Walmart has several private label brands that offer products for every budget and dietary preference, be it vegan, keto, or organic. They even have cleaning products and beauty items from Great Value and Equate that fit our needs and our budget.

Peanut butter sandwiches that look like spiders with pretzel legs and eyes.

So have you made the switch yet? Are you team grocery pickup, or do you prefer shopping in store? I love how much time and money Walmart Online Grocery saves me. Plus I like knowing that I get high quality products for my famliy at amazingly low prices. If you haven’t tried Walmart Online Grocery yet, try it out with code ‘TRIPLE10’ to save $10 off your first three pickup or delivery orders. I promise you’ll never go back!

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