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While British home decor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing your coastal stateside interior, it can certainly play a part in creating a home that is timeless and elegant, yet easy-going and comfortable – several things that we strive for here at The Coastal Oak. Picture the charming British cottages featured in ‘The Holiday’ or ‘Love, Actually” and you’re on the right track. Plush sofas, window sills lined with terracotta pots, exposed wood, and muted colors resembling nature are at the forefront of this style.

In trying to achieve this look for my own home, I stumbled across Oka, a British-based brand that specializes in the “magic mix” of blending globally-inspired decor, playful patterns, and interesting textures to create a unique, yet timeless, collection of pieces. Beauty, comfort, and style are imperative qualities when designing a coastal home that is both charming and kid-friendly and I can easily achieve this balance with so many of Oka’s gorgeous pieces.

British home decor with block print pillows and pleated lampshade.

What is British Home Decor

Before I describe how to incorporate British home decor into your coastal and timeless design, you could be asking “what even is British home decor?” It’s relaxed, comfortable, and filled with family heirlooms. Muted, earthy shades take precedence to help keep things from becoming too busy and there’s a focus on traditional silhouettes for furniture. Adding texture with wooden farmhouse tables or wainscoting is a must in British home decor and you can complete the look with loads of throw pillows and cozy blankets. Are you starting to see the resemblance to our ideal coastal home?

Global Inspired Decor

Tropical British Colonial style as seen in the islands is one of my favorite aesthetics. You’ll see heavily traveled influences with beautiful patterns, natural elements, timber, and more. This design includes a fusion of Eastern decor.

Patterns and Textures

British home design focuses heavily on incorporating lots of patterns and textures. You’ll likely see block print, ticking stripe, gingham, and soft florals. Wooden tables and velvet throw pillows add character and warmth.

Timeless Furniture Styles

Rolled arm sofas and plush chairs will always be a classic. Steer clear of modern and streamlined silhouettes that may become outdated within a few years and opt for more traditional styles. As you can see with the trending coastal grandmother aesthetic, timeless furniture is always a good idea.

Natural Decor

British style is heavily influenced by the flora and fauna found throughout the English countryside. You’ll find natural elements like rattan and wicker used frequently in British home decor, such as on wallpaper and in furniture pieces.

High-Quality Decor

Last, and most important, the British home design relies heavily on high-quality items. When I think of high-quality, I think of collected and heirloom items. Oka offers home decor that is made to last and gives a luxurious look to your home!

Linen Pillow Selection

There are several materials used for making pillows and one of my favorites is linen. What is a linen pillow? Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is a quick drying material that is a strong and absorbent. You’ll find European linen used in luxury and high quality design.

British Inspired Sitting Room

For our sitting room, I selected items with aged brass and traditional elements. I love the rattan look of the Baricella Side Table. The Kabibi Pillow has a beautiful print that looks great in a coastal home. When creating a timeless and cozy home, I prefer using several lamps to create an inviting glow. Finally, I fell in love with the pleated lampshades from Oka. They add the perfect cottage touch to this space!

Brass baricella end table from OKA>

Baricella Side Table

This antiqued brass table has handwoven metal that looks like rattan in a gray finish.

Areca Linen Pillow cover from OKA.

Areca Linen Pillow Cover

Adding just a touch of island vibes to the coastal sitting room.

Hourglass gourd lamp from OKA.

Hulu Hourglass Table Lamp

The large handmade lamp has an acrylic base and looks beautiful with a pleated lampshade.

If you’re looking to blend globally-inspired decor, playful patterns, and interesting textures, you’ll love Oka and all they have to offer. Beauty, comfort, and style are important when designing your coastal home and you’ll easily achieve this with my favorites from Oka!

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