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The Perfect Mauve Paint Color

If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful dusty mauve paint color, but you’re not sure where to start, I’m here to help. Maybe you’ve been searching for the perfect muted mauve, dusty pink, romantic blush, or pale purple paint for your home, but you’re overwhelmed with all of the options. Or maybe when you tell others that you’re wanting a mauve paint they aren’t sure if you’re looking for a shade of purple or pink. It can be a little overwhelming! Today I’m going to share the perfect mauve paint color, why I love it, how I’ve incorporated it into my home, and ideas for how you can decorate your own home with pops of mauve!

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Mauve painted cabinet with glass doors.

Romantic Shades of Mauve and Pink

When I got married, I repeatedly told the vendors that I wanted shades of blush pink in the wedding. In reality, this wasn’t the color I was going for at all! What I really wanted was dusty pink, similar to an earthy mauve tone. When I think of mauve, I picture an old home located in the English countryside, one with floral wallpaper and hints of sage green trim. It’s charming, romantic, and cozy with brass fixtures and a radiator heater in the corner. Wait, did I just describe a scene from the Holiday or the backdrop from Bridgerton? Maybe your mind automatically floats to France and a French inspired damask pattern at the mere mention of mauve. This gorgeous muted color is more popular than ever due to the current grandmillennial trends and I’m so excited to show you ways to incorporate light mauve paint colors into your home!

Mauve Paint for a Bedroom

Recently, my daughter asked me to add some blue to her bedroom. For the longest time, she has been in a shared bedroom and she just moved into her own bedroom. As you can imagine, being the coastal-loving momma that I am, asking for a blue room made my heart sing! But, we already have so much blue in our home that I felt like what we really needed was a little pop of pink in her bedroom. Yet, I didn’t want to jump to a full ballerina shade of pink. I wanted something that better fit our coastal style, a muted dusty pink paint color that would pair nicely with all of the blues in our home.

Side of mauve glass cabinet.

The Perfect Mauve Paint Color

When searching for dusty pink paint colors for my daughter’s bedroom, I continuously came across shades of mauve. Yet, there is a lot of variety when it comes to the color mauve and you may be wondering if this color is a shade of pink, purple, or both. Technically, mauve is a pale purple color that has a gray tint and on the color wheel it sits between violet and pink. In reality, mauve is one of those colors that has several different tones. Many shades of mauve are dusty and earthy, giving them a brown or beige tint. The fact that this color can lend itself towards so many different shades makes it a wonderful neutral color for interior design. Out of all of the hues, my absolute favorite shade of mauve paint is Damask by Fusion Mineral, which is a dusty, earthy, and beautiful neutral mauve color.

Mauve colors for your furniture.

I realize my favorite shade of mauve might not be the exact one that works for all of your home projects, so I wanted to share some other popular dusty mauve paint colors as well. These nine popular mauve paints are my top picks for furniture, whether you’re looking to refinish an old dresser for your child’s room, bring a pop of mauve to your end tables, or even paint a beautiful makeup vanity.

Mauve in Interior Design

In addition to furniture paint, mauve is a beautiful color for all types of interior design in your home. As I previously stated, dusty mauve makes a wonderful neutral, so it’s the perfect color to add pops of here and there. There are many gorgeous mauve throw pillows and decorative blankets to add comfort and a welcoming vibe to your home. Mauve vases, ginger jars, lamps, picture frames, or even books are fun ways to add a little mauve to any room. You could bring mauve into your dining room with a mauve damask tablecloth, mauve curtains, or even something as simple as mauve napkins or charger plates. And of course, this hue makes a stunning wall paint color for any room of your home!

Sitting room with large sectional and dusty rose pillows.

Colors to Pair with Mauve Home Decor

You may be wondering what colors to pair with mauve in your home and the good news is that since it’s a neutral color, it’s actually very easy to make it blend seamlessly with other colors! As you know, I love neutral home decor, so mauve is the perfect way for me to add a small pop of color around my home without straying far from the typical neutral colors. My favorite colors to pair with dusty mauve are whites, browns, and blues. It is beautiful with white bedding. Imagine a purple mauve headboard paired with white bedding, a pink mauve dresser against a tan wall, or a neutral console table with mauve vases and flowers above a blue rug. A dusty mauve would also look perfect paired with one of my five favorite brass paints! Personally, I love pairing it with warmer whites because I like when mauve takes on a warmer hue. But, I have also seen light mauve paired beautifully with cooler whites. There really are countless ways to pair it!

Mauve cabinet with glass front doors.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Dressed sheep with plaid skirt ornaments on Celia’s tree.

Reeva Handwoven Rug

Neutral rug located in our sitting room.

Teddy Plush Pillow

Soft oblong pillow in oatmeal color that is located on our sitting room sectional.

Natural and White Baskets

Set of two dip-dyed baskets seen in sitting room.

Orchard Bloom Rug

Block print rug in natural located in Celia’s room.

Fusion Mineral Paint in Damask

Out of all of the beautiful mauve paint colors, my absolute favorite is Damask by Fusion Mineral Paint. This light mauve paint color is dusty, earthy, and pairs exceptionally well with a neutral colored home. I recently used this mauve paint on a thrifted cabinet for my daughter’s bedroom and I am so happy with the end result! There are hundreds of photos of items painted in Damask paint in the Fusion Mineral Paint it Beautiful Group – even a toaster oven! In addition to being beautiful, fusion mineral paint is non-toxic, zero VOC, made in North America, has a gorgeous matte finish, and has exceptional adhesion and coverage with minimal prep work! 

Applying Damask Fusion Mineral Paint

  1. Clean your surface from dirt, oil, and grease with a water-based degreaser.
  2. If painting on top of a high gloss paint, lacquer or varnish, scuff the surface by sanding it with 220 grit sandpaper and remove dust. If painting on top of a surface with a prior matte to semi-gloss paint, a non-rusting metal, glass or dull plastic surface, there is no prep work needed! For additional surface types, see the Fusion Mineral Paint Prep Guide.
  3. Choose a high-quality paint brush or roller best suited for the job. Different projects require different types of brushes and rollers for success. Be sure to research which is best for your project.
  4. Less is more when it comes to the amount of paint on your tools. Dip a paintbrush a maximum of halfway up the bristles and remove the excess paint. If using a roller, roll off the excess paint. Use only light pressure to make thin coats.
  5. Avoid painting back and forth to prevent brush strokes. Instead, paint from one end to the other. If needed, add a paint extender to allow for a longer working time before the paint dries.
  6. Damask Fusion Mineral Paint has a built-in top coat that cures to a washable matte sheen. No additional top is required for everyday use. If you would like to add a little extra protection, be sure to apply the coats in this order: water-based (fusion mineral paint), followed by oil-based, and lastly wax.
  7. Wait 30 minutes for your project to dry and marvel at its beauty! This paint fully cures in 21 days for maximum strength and washability.
Fusion mineral paint in Damask, a mauve color.

Where to Purchase Damask Fusion Mineral Paint

Now that you’ve seen how beautiful this dusty mauve paint is and read about how easy it is to use, you’re probably wondering where you can buy it! Damask Fusion Mineral paint is available to purchase online at Nigh Road and Amazon. If you live locally, Fusion Mineral paint is available at H and K Furniture Design at The Station Park Circle in North Charleston.

If you’ve fallen in love with pops of mauve as much as I have, I hope this post has been helpful in aiding your search for the best mauve paint colors for your home. I would love to hear about your experiences with mauve furniture paints. Have you tried Damask Fusion Mineral and if so, what did you paint? Or do you have a favorite shade of mauve paint that wasn’t mentioned? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! Happy painting!

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