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One Room Challenge | Week Two


Wow, what a week of back and forth, decisions, and measurements.  I am an indecisive person and it took a lot of browsing, selecting items, and returning said items, to start narrowing down ideas for my One Room Challenge.  Sometimes the best of of ideas come together as a mess in real life.  Although I feel like I didn’t accomplish a lot this week in labor in the room, I did accomplish a few things.  Hoping this next week will be super productive as items start coming in.

ORC Week Two

What I accomplished this past week

First, I sold most of the items from our dining room.  I am working with a tight budget.  I am hoping to spend no more than what I made from selling the furniture.  I will give you final price amounts in the last week.  I kept a few of the pieces and moved them to different rooms and I love their new spots.


Second, I narrowed down rug choices.  At first I had BIG plans to place an oushak rug on top of a natural fiber rug.  This idea consumed half of my budget but I was willing to make that sacrifice.  However, I brought the oushak rug of my dreams home and placed in it the room.  It did nothing for me.  I left it for a few days and nothing.  I didn’t have those warm and fuzzy feelings that I get when I decorate and get something right.  It just didn’t sit right in that space.  So I returned it and my budget became realistic again.  I will get an oushak rug one day.  This is just not the project for it.


Third, I went against EVERY thing I had said just one month ago.  Remember my curtain fiasco from Ikea?  I SWORE I would NEVER, EVER, EVERRRRR shop at Ikea again.  Well, I quickly realized that I need a few Ikea products to make this project work and keep it within my budget.  I got over my grudge with their customer service, loaded my cart, went to check out, and BOOM!  A measly $199 shipping charge was added to my bill.  Really?   I can do a LOT with $199.  So I started searching frantically for someone going to Ikea this month.  I had plans to make a day trip and drive 7 hours to make it work.  Then I found out a dear friend has plans to drive through North Carolina this weekend and she offered to take my huge SUV and make an Ikea run for me.  I am beyond thrilled about my order!


ORC week 2


New Inspiration

So here is the little red disclaimer to my playroom / entertainment room.  If you have been on Pinterest, you know that Ikea hacks are nothing new.  Some of these ideas have been used in several rooms.  I do not want to take any bit of credit for using some of these ideas.  However, I hope to make it original to my style and my home.  I will share additional links to blogs and tutorials as I use them!


New Plans

In the end, this week I am sharing NEW idea boards and plans for something SUPER exciting.  The biggest accomplishment this week?  We have an actual plan!  I have started making orders and items are coming in.  Samples are arriving.  THIS IS HAPPENING!

Ikea Shopping List
Billy Bookcase / Ektorp Sofa / MulaDuktig Kitchen / Kallax Shelf / Fintorp System

Week Two ORC

I can’t wait to start putting items together and share them with you in the upcoming weeks!  Happy Thursday friends!



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