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One Room Challenge | Week One



It is official!  I have decided to join the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge as a guest participant.  This will be my first time participating and while I am nervous, I am truly excited to share our room with you.


How does it work?  I will share one progress post a week on Thursdays, along with all other guest participants.  These will be linked to the One Room Challenge page where you can follow along.


So which room will receive a makeover?  Our dining room!  You read that right!  My beloved dining room is already getting a makeover.   This is going to be an amazing playroom.


While I’m late to the game, I’m hoping to pick up speed.  I shared some of my inspiration in a previous post but here is my official inspiration board.  I hope to make this room functional, stylish, and fun!  I might call in help to install doors and enclose a portion of the room, but I will be right here sharing the design process with you.

Toy Storage / Chandelier / Teil Duncan Print / Slipcover Sofa / Kids Table / Hanging Chair / Jute Rug / Pink Kitchen


Remember this room?  With it’s columns, arched entry, and yellow walls?


Dining Room Before


We have already updated it with paint, DIY board and batten, and lighting.  However, we never truly finished the dining room.


Dining Room

Shop My Dining Room

ORC Plan

  • This week I will start narrowing down idea board and start gathering supplies.  Most of my items will be second hand so I will share how and where I find these purchases.
  • Clean out this room to have a “blank slate.”
  • Obtain several quotes on partial wall enclosure and doors.
  • Determine if we will attempt the enclosure ourselves (see above).
  • Raise chandelier or move it to a different room.

Being late to the game, there are a lot of decisions to be made this week.  Keep checking back for progress over the next 5 weeks!  Hopefully this means I get a pass on fancy meals in the future?  I’ll take it!



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