Window Box Plants for your Southern Home

There is something so charming about a beautiful window box. They’re even trending on social media with their own hashtag #windowboxwednesday. I have spent hours taking photos of window boxes in downtown Charleston so it’s no surprise that I ordered some for our own home. Our new window boxes are in different types of lighting. Two of the them are in full sun, while the other one is divided, with partial shade and full shade. I visited our nearby garden center and they helped me piece together a beautiful collection of plants. Here is what they recommended and a few of my favorite window box plants.

Shade and partial shade loving plants for window boxes.

Window Box in Full Sun

Two of the boxes are in full sun. When you have a full sun planter, you need to select plants that will survive hot days, especially in our location. Watering these are key and I’ve shared all of my tips for planting window boxes here.

Purchasing window box plants at the garden center.
  1. Mandevilla
  2. Dianella Flax Lily
  3. Vino Coleus
  4. Pentas
  5. White Licorice
  6. Creeping Wire Vine
  7. Petunias
  8. Black Sweet Potato Vine
  9. Calibrachoa
  10. Artemisia

Window Box in Partial Shade and Full Shade

One side of our porch receives a variety of sun. With a 5 foot box, I had to get creative with sun loving plants on one side and shade loving plants on the other side. With that being said, I selected plants that overlap and do well in both sun and shade.

Selecting window box plants at the local garden center.
  1. Mandevilla placed in sunniest spots, these thrive in six hours of sun with afternoon shade
  2. Geranium
  3. Dianella Flax Lily
  4. Petunias placed in sunniest spots, these will perform best in six hours of sun
  5. Caladiums placed in shadiest spots
  6. Coral Bells placed in shadiest spots
  7. Vino Coleus
  8. Varigated Ivy
  9. Creeping Wire Vine
  10. Begonias
Shade loving plants that are purple and white for shade and partial shade window box.
Variety of full sun loving plants in window boxes.

Which look is your favorite? I went back and purchased caladiums and coral bells for almost every planter that I have in the shade. I love them! Several of these window box plants are available in different varieties also, so shop around at your garden center to see more. Don’t forget: proper soil, proper drainage, frequent fertilizer feedings, and keep them watered. You can read all of my window box tips in detail here. What’s next? I will be planting new containers on our front porch soon. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss out on new projects!

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