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Backyard Reveal with Our New Pergola

It’s possible you have seen our backyard renovations in full swing over the last several weeks on my Instagram stories. I’m so excited that all our plans are coming to fruition. We’ve wanted to give our backyard a good makeover for quite some time, and we can’t wait until it all comes together. It’s going to be much more functional and provide more privacy. We decided to create three smaller spaces throughout the backyard instead of one big space for entertaining. Today I can’t wait to reveal our new backyard pergola!

Thank you to Backyard Discovery for gifting us our Hawthorne Pergola!

Our gorgeous new backyard pergola! Our new pergola is made with galvanized steel for strength and durability. The white-painted steel pergola is adorned with string lights.

Backyard Reveal with Our New Pergola

When we were creating design plans for our backyard, we created three separate spaces for entertaining. This allows for more space to spread out throughout our yard instead of one big gathering spot. One area is for dining, right under our porch. The other area is for our fire pit. And the final area is going to be our lounge space under our new Backyard Discovery pergola. You can read more about our backyard makeover in this post here.

The seating area under our new backyard pergola includes two Adirondack chairs, tables, lanterns, and potted greenery.

Our vision for this pergola was to create a space for our family to relax while watching our kids on the playground, more of that to be revealed soon. We also wanted to create a space with some shade because there are no large shade trees around this area. We’re going to put a conversation set under the pergola, but unfortunately it is not arriving until November. So for now, we’re enjoying our new Adirondack chairs. In addition, I recently bought climbing star jasmine that will help provide a garden environment with more shade. Finally, we added patio string lights to make it feel inviting and homey.

Hanging outdoor string lights over our new backyard pergola. This new white steel pergola will be a central entertaining spot in our backyard.

Around the pergola, I have a vision of the most beautiful landscaping to surround the pergola. I was inspired by our recent travels to Key West and I cannot wait to design the landscaping portion. We have started with my favorite climbing plant, star jasmine. It will smell heavenly and stay green with all seasons. When paired with the patio lights, it is beautiful!

We decided on the Backyard Discovery Hawthorne pergola because it’s made of 100 percent galvanized steel. It’s much stronger than other aluminum or vinyl products on the market. And we knew we didn’t want to build a pergola out of wood because lumber can deteriorate quickly in our South Carolina climate. Because it’s steel, it has zero maintenance. That’s music to this mama’s ears because I’m in a very busy season of life. One less thing to maintain makes me super happy!

Building a Backyard Pergola That’s Stylish and Durable

Building the Pergola

With the help of a neighbor, my husband Scott recently put our pergola together, and it took them about 6 hours to put together. The kids even joined in and helped sort the screws. Assembling the pergola was easy using the BILT app. That app is such a helpful tool that we all need for building things at home.

Scott and our daughter stand on a ladder while assembling our new backyard pergola.
Scott stands on a ladder in the grass, assembling our new backyard pergola.

A Durable Pergola Made to Last

We chose the white Hawthorne 10×14 design. Because the pergola is made of galvanized steel, it’s rust, corrosion, and UV-proof. One of the other features I love about this pergola is it has hidden joints for a sleek appearance. It looks like it was custom-made with a traditional design.

Stylish and Fun for Our Backyard

If you want to add a TV, mix margaritas, play music or whatever else to add to the fun, the pergola features an exclusive PowerPort. The PowerPort is also removable for customized installation. I love how sleek it is and that the jasmine will grow around it.

A look at our completed backyard pergola and sitting area. The white steel pergola is surrounded by star jasmine plants, which grow upwards, wrapping around the beams of our new pergola.

Backyard Discovery has anything you need to make your backyard the space you’ve always dreamed of designing. They have gazebos, play houses, swing sets, lots of other pergolas and outdoor accessories. I actually just purchased a play set for the kids, the Skyfort II. I’ll share that once we get it assembled. I know the kids are going to love it and make so many special memories in our backyard.

An overhead view looking down over our new backyard pergola and seating area - a stone-paved section of our backyard with Adirondack chairs, tables, garden plants, all covered by our new galvanized steel pergola.

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Large silver decorative lanterns and potted star jasmine plants sit on our stone-paved sitting area in our backyard, under our new backyard pergola.

If you are wanting to add outdoor items to your backyard oasis, Backyard Discovery was kind enough to give me a code for 15 percent off using coastaloak15 at checkout. You can shop their website here. If they’re out of stock on items, watch for restocks as they do them often. Now is also a great time to reserve a new play set in time for the holidays!

What’s one thing you’d love to do to your backyard to make it your oasis? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is so well done! How is the view from your deck? Any insights or tips on how to best position a “lower level” pergola when you have also have a deck? How many feet from the house did you set up the pergola? Thanks — Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Hey there, thanks so much. We opted to space it away from the house to create sections and connect them with the pavers. The pergola looked crowded next to our home because we are in an elevated home and where our stairs sit. I think it depends on your end goal and what look you’re after in your space!

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