Floral Arrangements Using Frog Lids

Have you ever received a floral arrangement and you put it in your favorite vase, then the flowers droop? Did you pick up a bundle of fresh green stems like eucalyptus and then they look nothing like they do on Pinterest? I have the perfect solution for you! I love shopping at local flower markets and creating my own floral arrangements. I’m going to share my new favorite purchase with you, that will keep your florals looking like they were professionally arranged.

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spring floral arrangement

Creating Flower Arrangements

A Vase in a Vase

Alright, you’ve purchased the florals and got them home and prepped for your favorite vase. STOP RIGHT THERE. Do not put water in those beautiful decorative vases. You heard me right, do not put water in the decorative vase. Instead, find a smaller vase, cup, or jar and fill it with water. Arrange your flowers in that vase and then place it INSIDE of your decorative vase. That way, the water does not ruin your decorative vase! But wait, what did I say about arranging the florals to look professionally done?

creating flower arrangements using a frog lid

Use a Frog Lid

What is a frog lid anyways? It’s a lid for jars or vases that has several holes for the stems. There are several different forms of frog lids. I’ve also seen them in clay form and made from mesh or wire. I used this vase with a frog lid. If you’re working with delicate florals with larger stems, like Tulips, you will want to opt for a lid with larger holes. You can also purchase multipacks of frog lids that attach to or fit the tops of mason jars!

how to use a frog lid vase
how to use a frog lid vase
spring flower arrangement with frog lid and vases from target
Frog lid vase flower arrangement
Floral arrangement using frog lid vase
Coastal breakfast nook with round dining table and rope dining chairs.

Do you have a favorite place to purchase fresh florals? A few of my favorites are Marigold Flowers, Trader Joe’s, Roadside Blooms, and Whole Foods. A few of the delicate florals pictured here include panda anemones, white ranunculus, cafe au lait dahlias, and frill dutch tulips.

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