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What I Bought at Trader Joe’s This Week

I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping but I actually enjoy going to Trader Joe’s. Aside from the parking lot and tiny carts, I enjoy meandering through the store and looking at all of the items. Ok, most of the time I’m actually sprinting through the store with kids and tossing things in my cart, but I consider myself a seasoned TJ shopper. The employees are always so friendly and helpful. Here is what I’m feeding our family this week, with many staples that will last for several weeks. I hope to share our grocery hauls more often and I will add to this list as I go. I have also included a printable shopping list at the end of this post.

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First Stop, Plants & Flowers

I start with a walk by their outdoor plant stand and more often than not, a live plant makes its way into my cart. This is where you will find seasonal items like succulents, pumpkins, boxwood wreaths, garland, and more. On the way in, you will walk by gorgeous live orchids of various sizes. I’m tempted by their beauty, every single time. Well played Trader Joe’s!

Then I stop by the fresh cut flowers. Each time I go, I leave with at least three bundles of fresh eucalyptus to scatter throughout the house. Sometimes I will add hydrangeas or whichever seasonal flower I’m loving at the time.

Tucked away in our floral department is the card selection. They are beautiful and only 99 cents each. I stock up on thank you cards and blank cards. I also purchase several of the boy’s and girl’s birthday cards for birthday parties with the kids. The cards are beautiful and make great flash cards or decor for small spaces.


Next, I load up my car with fresh veggies and fruits. Trader Joe’s has a huge selection of affordable organic fruit. They also provide biodegradable produce bags. I love their fruit & veggie wash. You will also find salad kits and pre-cut vegetables for meals. Don’t forget to pop by the samples section and grab a small coffee while you shop!


Next up, I cannot rave enough about their seasoned meats. I typically grab three or four of these to keep in my freezer for nights when I don’t feel like meal planning. They go straight from the freezer to my instant pot, giving us a delicious meal! I also purchase their organic and grass-fed hotdogs for the kids.

I was hesitant to purchase fresh seafood from Trader Joe’s, not knowing what kind of quality we would bring home. Week after week, I have been happy with the scallops and salmon, leading me to venture out for more seafood in the upcoming weeks. We eat this Scallop & Rissotto recipe three or four times a month. It is a favorite in our house and we add roasted butternut squash.


Then, I move on to the snacks. I load up in these aisles for the entire family. I grab organic apple sauce, granola bars, mixed nuts, tortilla chips, popcorn, and more. They have several items like “rocket ships” that are their version of goldfish crackers. The kids love their peanut butter crackers and oreo knock-offs. There are several versions of vegetable snacks and we love their plantain chips. Our favorite tortilla chips come from this section, a restaurant-style chip with a squeeze of lime.

Dairy and Eggs

I stop by the refrigerated section and grab organic eggs and milk for the kids. Trader Joe’s carries the Kerrygold brand, butter that we all love. I throw in a few boxes of yogurt squeezes. Then I move on to the cheese and I stock up here. I purchase organic shredded cheese, cheese crumbles, mozzarella balls, and sliced cheese for sandwiches. If we have a party to attend or it is a holiday, I grab blocks of cheese and meats for charcuterie boards. If we’re having pizza during the week, I will purchase prosciutto here. This is also the section where you will find prepared dips like hummus and salsa. Our favorites to try? The Spinach & Kale Artichoke Dip, along with Mediterranean Hummus, and Cowboy Caviar.

Bread, Condiments, and Other Dried Goods

With a wide variety of bread to select, I typically buy organic wheat bread for the kids, English muffins and bagels for my husband, and a loaf of gluten-free bread for myself. I also get our organic peanut butter and almond butter here. The cookie butter is a must-try item but I have stopped buying it, only because it’s dangerous to my waistline. They have several organic jellies and jams in this aisle. There are fresh tortillas of different styles, with gluten-free options available. Again, if we are shopping for a holiday or event, I will purchase fresh-baked croissants, hamburger buns, and more.

Next, I stock up on condiments, baking goods, and grains here. I purchase a few bags of dried pasta, couscous, and rice. This is where you will find canned goods like beans, tomatoes, and corn. I also grab all of the spice and seasoning in this section. Trader Joe’s has options like “Everything but the Bagel,” and “21-Seasoning Salute.” We love their taco seasoning packets, along with their enchilada sauce. The price of their coconut aminos sauce cannot be beaten! Also found here, organic ketchup, bbq sauce, salad dressings, and olive oil.

For the pantry, I get coconut and almond flour, coconut sugar, sea salt, and more. I purchase their vanilla extracts, wild clover honey, and manuka honey. If you have dietary restrictions, you will find so many well priced and great options here.

Frozen Foods

As a mom of three young children, this is my favorite section. I love all of the frozen meals because they are minimally processed without all of the junky ingredients. My kids love their turkey corndogs, mini pizzas, chicken fried rice, chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and tater tots. As adults, we love the mashed cauliflower, frozen carrots, cauliflower gnocchi, and more. If I am overindulging and cheating on my diet, I buy the wild mushroom and black truffle flatbread. It is my favorite pizza to date!

I also buy a variety of breakfast items for the kids. Every single time I go, I purchase at least two boxes of the organic silver dollar pancakes. They also love their hashbrowns, waffles, and sausages.


This is where I stock up with sparkling water and juice. While pregnant, I could not get enough of their sparkling limeade, lemonade, and Italian style sodas. My favorite “mocktail” is a cherry limeade, using their tart cherry juice and sparkling limeade served over crushed ice. Their seltzer waters are excellent for summer days at the beach or sitting by the pool. Also, their sparkling coconut water mixed with a splash of rum is a great “skinny” adult beverage.

My husband loves a variety of beer so I typically grab a few different styles of bottles for him to try. Then I head over to my favorite section of Trader Joe’s, the WINE. Here you will find knowledgable staff that can point you in the right direction. I typically leave with a few of our favorites and a few new bottles to try. I love experimenting with their wines because they have great options, for a fraction of the cost at competitors.

All time favorites

Our absolute favorite items:

  • Coconut Aminos
  • Organic Ketchup
  • Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
  • Casone Toscano Wine
  • Silver Dollar Pancakes
  • Mini Dark Chocalote Bars
  • Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread
  • Flowers and plants

What’s new on the list this week that we loved? Ginger Beef Stirfry and Mashed Cauliflower were hits with the adults. The kids loved trying the Battered Fish Nuggets and they will be added to our routine shopping list.

Trader Joe’s Shopping List

Shopping at Trader Joe’s is always a pleasant experience. I love their fresh ingredients and how many options they have for those with dietary restrictions. As I continue to shop and alter our shopping list, I will continue to post and share it with you all! Now tell me, what is your favorite item at Trader Joe’s and why? Have a great weekend!


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  2. Yes! I seriously drank this with all three of my children. It is such a treat!

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