Neutral Rugs

Neutral rugs are my go-to when trying to pull together a room in my coastal home. I love how versatile and classic they are and how they can really ground a space. Neutral area rugs or runners look good in any space and in any style home. They’re warm and welcoming but still feel fresh and light. No matter your home decor style, a neutral rug is timeless and perfect for any space. Keep reading to learn all about my favorite neutral rugs and how to style them in your own home.

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Living room rug that is hand knotted and vintage, this neutral rug is from Pottery Barn and great for your living spaces.

What is a Neutral Rug?

Neutral in home design means something lacking color. Typically, neutral is classified as anything that is white, ivory, gray, beige, taupe, tan, or black. While I typically don’t gravitate towards black in my coastal home, I do love every other neutral color and tend to focus on those colors, along with touches of blue, in my decor choices.

Living room decor inspiration with a neutral rug, shiplap fireplace, and timeless decor.

You can also add interest in a space by decorating with neutrals, but adding texture. For example, a neutral rug with a diamond pattern. Or a neutral runner made of natural fibers like jute. The diamond jute rug is a beautiful muted color and not overly warm, as seen in the sailboat bedroom. A similar rug with a diamond pattern and warmer tone, I love the rug in my son’s room with Jenny Lind beds.

Diamond jute rug in kids room that is durable and neutral.

Neutral or Colorful?

The great thing about neutral rugs, and decor in general, is that it can transcend across multiple styles and trends over the years. I like to keep my bigger purchases, like area rugs, couches, tables, and chairs, neutral in color so that they still coordinate if my style changes slightly as time passes. If you’ve been here long enough, you know that I change my mind a lot when it comes to design in my home. I prefer to incorporate pops of color with things that are less expensive and easier to change out as the seasons turn.

Neutral wool rug with muted pattern that's classic and timeless for sitting room.

Sometimes I like to incorporate neutral rugs with a tiny punch of color in them, like blue, green, or mauve, into a space that needs a little cozying up, like an all white kitchen or bathroom. If you love colorful rugs, then go for it! Your home should be all about what makes you happy. I just tend to prefer something a little more subtle in my own designs.

Neutral wool rug with muted pattern that's classic and timeless for sitting room.

We have the Finn rug from Pottery Barn in our living room. While I love it, it has a bold pattern. I prefer something more subtle, especially during the fall and winter months. So I did what any normal person would do with an expensive rug… I flipped it over! The hand knotted rug has a vintage appearance and looks so great in our living space. You can’t flip a rug that has backing, but vintage rugs typically do not.

Living room decor with neutral rug from Pottery Barn, the Finn rug can be flipped over for a more muted look that goes with any decor!

What About Durability?

One question I get frequently is about the durability of neutral rugs in my house. With three kids running around, you can imagine that it can be difficult to keep things clean. I gravitate towards rugs with a subtle pattern or texture to help hide any minor spills or stains. Lots of rugs these days are also able to be thrown in the washer and dryer, which I love for deep cleaning.

Diamond jute rug that is neutral and  durable for a kid's bedroom.
The Tulum rug from Serena & Lily has a diamond print that adds texture and visual interest to a space.

Shockingly, neutral vintage area rugs can also be cleaned with mild soap and a hose or pressure washer and are surprisingly durable. I love having our rugs treated by companies like Fiber Seal also. Indoor & outdoor neutral rugs are another great option, especially for high traffic or dining areas, as they clean up nicely and don’t stain easily.

Neural vintage rug that's muted in color and style for a primary bedroom design.

One of my biggest tips for putting a neutral rug in your home? Use an indoor & outdoor rug. They’re made to last and withstand the elements. If a rug is meant to withstand heavy rains, sunshine, and mold, you better believe it will withstand kids and dogs, right? Yep! One of my favorite indoor & outdoor rugs is by Dash & Albert. They’re soft enough to use inside and great for spaces where life will get messy. We’ve taken them out and hosed them off in the driveway and they’re good as new!

Diamond rug thats durable for indoor and outdoor, the perfect neutral rug!
Durable indoor and outdoor natural rug that's muted with neutral design for home decor.
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The Best Stores to Buy Neutral Rugs

There are several great places to look for neutral area rugs, and the good news is you can find them at all different price points. HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls tend to have really amazing options online or in store if you need a budget-friendly option. Target also has some good neutral rugs on occasion. For higher-end neutral rugs, I love Serena & Lily, Pottery Barn, and Dash & Albert. My favorite places to buy vintage area rugs are Etsy, Zuma Imports, Greenfront and Revival.

Vintage rug from Greenfront rugs in primary bedroom with neutral colors and linen dresser.

Neutral Area Rugs Under $300

Striped Fringe Rug
Bleached Jute Rug
Scalloped Jute Rug
Traditional Rug
Vintage Medallion Rug

Neutral Area Rugs

Did I change your mind about neutral rugs? Do you tend to prefer a more neutral rug in your home or are you all about a pop of color? I love how timeless and easy to incorporate neutral rugs are, plus they look good in any room and with any style. Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you have a go-to rug for your own home!

Neutral rug with floral block print in kid's bedroom.
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Images in this post were photographed and provided by Caitlyn Motycka Photography.

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