Front Porch Decor – Five Different Ways

Front Porch Mood Board - The Coastal Oak

Five different ways to decorate your front porch.

We are in the process of replacing our front door and the process has me dreaming of new front porch decor. Your front porch should reflect your personality and welcome your visitors. Adding beautiful plants, pots, wreaths, and rugs are all great ways to improve your curb appeal. Today I am sharing five different ways to decorate your front porch.

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Five Front Porch Designs

This Front Porch Decor mood board features white hydrangeas and simple potted greenery, leafy wreaths, and a black and white striped rug.
Philodendrons + Pots | Hydrangeas + Pots | Striped Rug | Welcome Mat | Magnolia Wreaths | Doors | Lanterns
This front porch decor features pops of red geraniums, potted Birds of Paradise plants, red berry wreaths, and a navy striped rug.
Birds of Paradise + Pots | Geraniums + Pots | Striped Rug | Welcome Mat | Red Berry Wreaths | Doors | Lanterns
This Front Porch Decor mood board features pops of pink and white spring flowers with potted philodendrons, impatiens, pink and white floral wreaths, and a grey and white geometric rug.
Philodendrons + Pots | Impatiens + Pots | Geometric Rug | Hello Mat | Pink Accent Wreaths | Doors | Lanterns
This gorgeous front porch decor mood board features simple greenery - potted palms, mandevillas, and eucalyptus wreaths and a black and white geometric rug.
Palms + Pots | Mandevillas + Pots | Geometric Rug | Welcome Mat | Eucalyptus Wreaths | Doors | Lanterns
Front Porch Mood Board - this front porch decor features potted gardenias and petunias, an olive wreath, and polka-dot welcome rug.
Gardenias + Pots | Petunias + Pots | Patterned Rug | Welcome Mat | Olive Wreaths | Doors | Lanterns

Splurge and Save: Front Porch Decor Edition!

If you are new to my posts, I need you to know that I share splurge and save options when I put together moodboards. I also have a few tips when opting to save on porch decor. Keep in mind that your porch decor will need to withstand the elements. Even with a great porch covering, the items will be subject to wind, rain, pollen, and fading from the sun. All of these are reasons to do your homework and splurge on some of the items so they can be used for many years to come!

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Front Porch Decor - Two Eucalyptus front door wreaths hang side by side. One wreath costs $128, the other wreath costs $39.
McGee & Co | Etsy
Front Porch Decor - Splurge and Save Geometric Rugs. The rug on the left costs $154, and the rug on the right costs $44.
Dash & Albert | Target
Front Porch Decor - these two wreaths are similar in design. The wreath on the left features green and lightly browned leaves and costs $158. The wreath on the wright costs $58.
Pottery Barn | Etsy
Front Porch Decor. These two identical  raised white planter pots are priced at $299 and $99.
Pottery Barn | World Market
Front Porch Decor - two identical Welcome mats cost $146 and $28.
McGee & Co | Target

The Best Front Porch Plants

I recently published a post “27 Plants for the Perfect Southern Porch.” You will find the plants I used in this post located there, with several other options!

A collection of outdoor plants that are perfect for front door decor during any season.

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