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One Room Challenge | Weeks Four and Five



You may have noticed, but I failed to update my progress in our “One Room Challenge” last week.  We had several family and social events, and a toddler refusing sleep.  It was tough to get anything done around here and I have mounds of laundry and dishes to complete.  However, I finally found time to finish a few things and hope to finish our room this upcoming week.


ORC playroom

Toy Storage

I finally found a perfect piece of furniture to act as storage for all of our toys.  It is the last piece of the room to get photographed, so stay tuned for that section next week.  Here are the baskets I used from Target and the piece of furniture from Nadeau Furniture will be revealed next week.

Target Tapered Basket in Cream


Kitchen DIY Complete

The IKEA Duktig kitchen makeover is finally complete!  I will link up a tutorial for that in the upcoming weeks.  It was an easy project once I found the correct paint colors, countertop style, and backsplash.  What did I do to complete the kitchen?


Ikea Kitchen Makeover

  • Painted it white
  • Added subway tile backsplash
  • Created marble like countertops
  • Upgraded hardware to brass

Ikea Kitchen Makeover

The Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line from Target came out with new toys this past week.  I’m not going to lie, I am bummed I didn’t know about the cute kitchen they released.  I would have skipped this Ikea “hack” and purchased it instead.  I did end up buying their “Wooden Toy Tea Set” and their “Kitchen Accessory Kit” also.  They are darling!


Framed Art Print

I received the Emily Jefford’s print and framed it with a simple white frame from Custom Picture Frames. It is the “Mid-summertime” print and reminds me of a coastal scene in the Low Country.  I love the pastels in our One Room Challenge!


Art Print


Not a lot of things going on these past few weeks but I do feel like the room is coming together.  We are sprinting into the last week of the challenge and I have a lot of things to complete.  Make sure to tune back in for our final week!



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