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Pura 4 Smart Diffuser

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What is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a home? For me, it is often the smell of a home. Our home has always carried a funky scent, almost musty and I’ve worked hard to keep it at bay with our Pura Smart Diffuser. I love it so much and finally found some scents that are super welcoming for our guests.

A scent is capable of capturing emotions and conjuring a story with the memories it evokes. I’ve seen just that – I realized my Pura purchases have been SO worth it, creating a familiar and signature aroma for our home. The invitation surrounding a well-scented space is felt by anyone. And one that my guests, as well as my kids, have even noticed!

So is the Pura Diffuser worth the cost? How does the Pura work? I’m going to discuss how we use it in our home, my favorite scents, and the why behind loving this little device.

Bathroom with Pura plugged in the wall as a scent diffuser.

Pura Diffuser, Is it Worth the Hype?

So, let me introduce you to Pura: a smart fragrance air diffuser that makes controlling the scent of your home effortless. With the touch of your phone, the machine can be turned off whether at home or away via the Pura App on my phone.

Pura Pros

Smart features allow you to set a timer or schedule of diffusion and easily adjust the intensity of the fragrance – which might just be my favorite part about it! I don’t love heavy scents in my home, they tend to give me a headache. I love a subtle scent, and Pura allows me to have just a touch of fragrance. If the kids are extra stinky one day, I can easily up the scent level! Win, win!

I love how minimal it is, it’s simple and blends into the plug. We keep one at the bottom of the stairs in our foyer, in our kitchen, and in our bathroom. Also, I love that I can adjust the light to stay on or off, with several settings. This is great because it can work as a nightlight. I haven’t tried the Pura for cars yet, but hope to trial one soon!

Pura Cons

Although Pura sold me for the minimal effort involved in having instant fragrance… a con is it does take time to set up the schedule and timer. If you’re not tech saavy, keep that in mind. It requires an app and manually setting the days for the timer. If you leave it running at all times, you’ll run out of the scent quickly.

My only true complaint is the previous bay bleeds through into the new scent, and it gets slightly caked around the opening. I’m sure there is a great way to clean it off easily, I just haven’t ventured there yet.

Despite those minor inconveniences, overall, I love it. It definitely made my  list of top gifts for friends and family. One might say I’m a big fan with three diffusers throughout my home! 

We all have preferences, so take what I say lightly. This is like recommending perfume for the home. I loathe the Capri Blue Volcano smell (too heavily scented and sweet for me). This is probably a controversial take… but I’ve come to find scents I LOVE through Pura’s wide array of options.

The Best Pura Scents

Pura offers hundreds of scents, which I’ll admit, makes choosing a fragrance even more difficult when ordering based on long descriptions. They offer scent cards but I’m here to help you with my favorites. Here are my most used scents that anyone from “candle obsessed” to “subtle scents only” are sure to enjoy. 

Pura Smart Diffuser with different plug in scents.
  • Capri Blue 44 – Havana Vanilla – Hands down my favorite. Don’t worry, it’s not your typical concentrated vanilla. The subtle hints of sandalwood, bergamot, and tobacco balance the sweetness of the vanilla making it the most pleasant aroma. I keep this one going in the foyer right as you walk in. It never fails… I get a compliment anytime a guest walks through the front door. 
  • Archipelago Kashmir – I had this scent in a reed diffuser long before my Pura, and have rediscovered my love for it! This scent embodies spring paradise with its combination of orange blossom, sandalwood, and vanilla. Definitely a top favorite.
  • Studio McGee Winter BayberryI loved this scent around the holidays. The blend of fresh sage and woodsy cedarwood make for the most heartwarming aroma. Studio McGee scents are always a safe bet! 
  • Unify Co. Dusk – This is another favorite for my foyer. It’s welcoming, inviting, and yet sophisticated. This scent is composed of all things exotic: Maracuya, coconut, sparkling pear, mimosa, and black pepper. Reminds me of a summer sunset. 
  • Nest HolidayA quintessential seasonal favorite. That’s just it. It smells exactly like holiday nostalgia. Scents of winter citrus and pine combine with cinnamon, clove, and amber making the most cozy winter aroma. 
Bathroom with bamboo front vanity and Pura Smart Diffuser.

A few more scents that I can’t wait to get my hands on and try are Illume Coconut Milk Mango and LAFCO Sea & Dune. Each time I order, I try to order a new scent to trial!

Looking for Decor Inspiration?

We recently renovated our primary bathroom and if you’re looking for inspiration or a source seen in this post, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Do you have any favorites? If so, I’d love to hear suggestions! Let’s make this a community effort and list out all of our favorites in the comments. I’m always open to expanding my Pura collection! 

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