Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige Paint Color

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When it comes to neutral paint, there’s no shortage of great options to choose from. With our recent kitchen and living room renovations, I had lots of paint decisions to make and it was easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. I knew I wanted to steer clear of bright white and anything too dark for our kitchen cabinets, so a beige tone seemed like the perfect fit. Therefore, I used Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige (SW 7036) for our kitchen and laundry cabinets.

After doing my fair share of research, I fell in love with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige (SW 7036). This shade is the perfect balance of warm and bright for our space and really gives my kitchen the cozy, European vibe that I love for my home. Keep reading to learn more about why I chose this paint color, some other great places to use it, and ways to make it feel cohesive throughout your own home.

Accessible Beige Paint Color (SW 7036)

Warmer tones have really been making a comeback in recent years thanks to popular designers who have helped make beige and tan tones feel cozy. The beige tones are now fresh rather than dingy and outdated. If you’re considering a beige or greige paint color for your home, Accessible Beige is a great option! Let’s discuss LRV and how it impacts a paint color choice, specific to Accessible Beige.

Accessible Beige LRV

LRV is “Light Reflectance Value” which means how light or dark a paint color will look on a scale of 0 to 100 (black to white). It is figured out by how much light is absorbed or reflected from a paint color. The LRV is important to understand when looking at different paint colors and settings with different lighting in your home. You’ll find it located in each paint chip description from the manufacturer.

Light reflecting the matte beige paint in laundry room.
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Accessible Beige has an LRV of 58 so it’s a pretty light color, especially when in direct sun. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of your windows before you decide to go all in on this paint color or it may look washed out or even have a greenish tinge in southern facing light. I always recommend getting a samplize sample and putting it on every wall in a room before fully committing to a color!

Accessible Beige Undertones and Complementary Colors

Always consider undertones when choosing placement and complementary colors for your home. Accessible Beige has gray (and very slight green) undertones, which helps it look more updated than the beige and tan paint colors of years past that carried more of an orange or yellow tint.

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Accessible Beige paint will pick up the undertones of its surroundings, so it’s a very versatile color choice and can work in a variety of settings. Being a beige color, it does lean a bit warmer so if you’re going for a super modern vibe then it may not be right for you.

It worked well in our kitchen because I wanted our entire home to give the feeling of coastal cottage meets european countryside and I think this earthy tone accomplishes that perfectly. I really love it paired with the darker wood accents in our home, like our found antique door and newly refinished floors.

Accessible Beige looks best paired with paint colors that are earthy and warm. Warm whites, such as White Dove or Cloud White by Benjamin Moore, look great with this color as well as shades of blue and green.

Sherwin Williams Pure White is always a safe choice and looks great on trim. I also love Sherwin Williams Cadet, Sherwin Williams Silver Strand, and Sherwin Williams Sanderling paired with Accessible Beige. We chose to do the rest of our downstairs in White Dove by Benjamin Moore with a satin finish on the trim and shiplap and a matte finish on the walls.

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CURVED OVEN HOOD – Our primed oven hood was easy to install and we painted it white dove to match the walls and trim
unlacquered brass hardware – all of our kitchen and laundry room hardware is from the same location.
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Similar Neutral Paint Colors

There’s no shortage of beige, gray, and “greige” paint colors these days. Keep reading to see how Accessible Beige compares to some of today’s most popular picks!

Paint comparison of beige paint colors.

Accessible Beige vs. Balanced Beige

Accessible Beige and Balanced Beige are very similar, but Balanced Beige is definitely on the darker side with an LRV of 46 compared to Accessible Beige’s 58. It feels a bit moodier with a heavy brown presence whereas Accessible Beige has a true greige appearance.

Accessible Beige vs. Agreeable Gray

While Accessible Beige and Agreeable Gray are both great neutral paint colors, they do have some major differences. Accessible Beige is a warmer beige color with gray undertones while Agreeable Gray is a cooler gray with beige undertones – it can even look blue or pink in certain lights, which makes Agreeable Gray a bit difficult to work with. They do have a very similar LRV with Agreeable Gray at 60 and Accessible Beige at 58.

Accessible Beige vs. Repose Gray

Accessible Beige and Repose Gray are both very versatile neutrals. They have the same LRV of 58 but different undertones. Repose Gray is definitely cooler and has some green undertones, but it doesn’t appear stark or cold like many grays. If you have a more modern space, Repose Gray may be a good neutral paint whereas Accessible Beige feels a bit more cozy and earthy.

SW Accessible Beige (SW 7036)

Have you hopped on the beige bandwagon yet or are you still haunted by the “builder’s beige” of the early 2000’s? If you’re unsure, I highly recommend dipping your toes in with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

I absolutely love this color on our newly renovated kitchen cabinets and can’t wait to add it into more areas of my home! It’s a perfectly balanced neutral that’s brings just the right amount of warmth without any yellow or orange undertones. Where do you plan on incorporating Accessible Beige into your home?

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