Why the Bistro Chair is a Family Favorite

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We can all probably agree that selecting dining chairs is not an easy task! I cannot tell you how many times we have swapped out our dining chairs in the breakfast nook. I searched high and low for the perfect family-friendly dining chairs and I’ve finally found a set that I love. I first saw this chair style while traveling through France. Using this specific style in my design brings back so many great Parisian memories.

Creating a beautiful and kid-friendly dining space does not have to be difficult. The Riviera Bistro Chair is easy to clean, durable, and fun no matter what your decor style. I’m sharing tips for picking the right bistro chair for your home, explaining how bistro chairs are made, ideas on how to style a room using the chairs, and information on how to clean bistro chairs. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

Dining room with large windows, white dining table, and white bistro chairs.

What is a Bistro Chair

The bistro chair has been very popular in the design world, mimicking the cafe chairs often seen in France. When I first saw these chairs come on the design scene, they took me back to our days strolling down the streets of Paris, full of laughter and people dining outdoors. If you have not traveled to France, just picture cute cafes on every corner with amazing outdoor dining areas. Now you are able to bring this sophisticated style to life in your home.

When discussing bistro sets, it is important to understand the term “bistro.” A bistro, simply put, is a small place to eat. It is not quite a restaurant, but a modest place to have an inexpensive bite to eat.

Large beaded chandelier with fall decor on dining table.

The Riviera Dining Chair from Serena and Lily is a spin on the traditional bistro chair. Think of it as the classic Parisian chair, but reinvented. This bistro chair is constructed of rattan with a classic curvaceous structure. The seats are all woven with rattan and resin making them super easy to clean.

Key Characteristics of the Riviera Dining Chair

  • The high quality rattan and resin used to construct the chair and seats is sustainable.
  • Each chair has it’s own markings, making them perfectly imperfect in design. The imperfect markings give the chairs an overall organic aesthetic.
  • While each chair has it’s own markings, the rattan is carefully selected to ensure each chair has a similar tone and color.
  • The chairs comes in a variety of colors, heights, and styles, making them perfect for every design!
White resin and rattan bistro dining chairs with dining table.

Different Varieties of Riviera Dining Chairs

My favorite bistro chair is available to purchase in several colors. I personally prefer the crisp and clean white paired with our two end chairs. These chairs are versatile and can be used with several different styles. I’ve seen them used in traditional homes and even beach bungalows. They can be used for a modern chic look or ultra-casual dining space. They’re also available in bar and counter height versions as well. Not sure which to choose? I’m sharing a few design ideas with you next!

Kid-Friendly Chair

The natural rattan and resin make the bistro chair really easy to clean. I also love that these chairs are light enough for our children to move on their own, but sturdy enough for adults holding up to 300lbs. Needless to say, bistro chairs do not feel flimsy at all. The fact that they’re easy to clean makes them perfect for our family. My kids love peanut butter and pasta and they make a big mess while they eat. Having the ability to wipe these chairs down after each meal has been a lifesaver for dining with little ones in the house.

Dog sleeping on rug beneath white dining table and bistro chairs in breakfast nook.

Cleaning Bistro Chairs

Now that we’ve discussed how great bistro chairs are with children in the home, let’s talk about how to clean them! Serena & Lily recommends that you wipe the chairs clean with a soft, damp cloth. Due to the woven design, crumbs can get stuck in the chairs. I take a small brush and scrub those areas to remove anything that’s caught. While Serena & Lily does not recommend using cleaners or abrasive items, I’ve found that a soft brush works well. I also use Magic Erasers on our white seats and back, but use caution when using cleaning items on colored and natural surfaces because it can make them fade.

Functional and Versatile

We use our chairs all day, every day. Our breakfast nook is our most used area in our home where we eat morning, day, and night. We no longer have a formal dining room, so this space hosts every meal. Although we love these chairs for dining, they are also amazing for other spaces as well. They can be used as accent chairs, desk chairs, and vanity chairs to name a few. The arched top looks beautiful behind a desk or when they’re used with built-ins.

Do you have a beautiful sunroom or a space with spacious windows? A bistro set reminds me of a walk through a garden with a tiny dining space tucked away under the trees. Why not bring that ambiance into your home? The bistro chairs are also great for a space that’s tucked away in a quiet corner, to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a good book.

Plaid rug under dining table with dog in front of tall floor mirror.

Additional Tips for Decorating with Bistro Chairs

While I typically love symmetry and matching furniture, I highly recommend using these chairs with another fun chair to add interest. For example, I’ve used them a few different ways, with linen end chairs and larger rattan dining chairs.

The bistro collection is available in several different colors. So how do you decide which color you will need for your home? Here are a few things to consider: your floors, the wall color, lighting, other wood tones in the house. Be aware that no two chairs are exactly the same. You will find variation in the color of the rattan, so keep this in mind if you desire exact matches.

The bistro chairs are available with arms and without arms. If you’re sticking to bistro chairs only, consider mixing in two chairs with arms at the head of the table.

White vase with eucalyptus, floral table cloth, and fall table setting.

What to Consider when Buying Dining Chairs

Before you purchase new dining chairs, there are a few things you will need to consider:

  • What size is your dining table?
  • Are you using these at a bar or island in the kitchen? Do you need counter height or bar height chairs?
  • What is your overall design aesthetic?
  • Who will use this dining space?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bistro set?

Bistro sets are often light and portable, making them easy to move for outdoor dining. They’re often used in inexpensive dining settings for a modest meal. You will find them in small cafes and used frequently in outdoor dining.

Are Serena & Lily bistro chairs comfortable?

Often, bistro chairs are petite. While these chairs are smaller than average dining chairs, they’re wide in the seat and back, making them comfortable for kids and adults.

Are Serena & Lily bistro chairs kid-friendly?

These chairs are very sturdy but light enough for the kids to move. They’re easy to climb in and out of and we have not had issues with them tipping over.

Should I use arm-chairs or without arms for my design?

First, you will need to determine the size of your dining table. Some dining tables do not have clearance for arm chairs to scoot underneath when not in use. It’s ok from a design stand point, but is your room large enough to house chairs that do not go underneath? Our breakfast nook is narrow and small, so I prefer arm chairs at the end and petite chairs that can go underneath the table when not in use.

When selecting new dining chairs for you home, be sure to consider function over design. How do you feel about the bistro chair design? Are you inspired to bring a Parisian design into your home that is on trend and perfect for a family? Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram where I share these designs daily!

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