Simple Fall Tablescape Ideas

Fall dining should be cozy and inviting, so a perfectly styled table will make your guests feel right at home. As you create your fall tablescape, there are several things to keep in mind, like the size of the dinner party, the amount of food on the table, and the overall occasion aesthetic.

While traditional tablescapes are most common, I’m sharing several simple fall table settings you can put together with ease. These casual table settings are perfect for the holidays and timeless in design. As we learn to decorate our tables for fall, take note that creating a cozy and inviting table where all will gather is key!

Beaded chandelier over dining table set for autumn with eucalyptus and blue striped tablecloth.

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Where to Start

Gather Inspiration

First thing’s first, get inspired. Consider the weather, the environment, and the location of the tablescape. Is it outdoors or indoors? What are you serving? Once you’ve gathered the basic information, it’s time to look for inspiration. Pinterest is always a good place to start, and I also love picking up a few food and entertaining magazines. These often include beautiful food photos that are styled perfectly for any event.

Consider Your Guests

Who will you be entertaining? Will there be children present? Are there any special needs or requirements? Food allergies? Keep these questions in mind when creating a table setting. You’re not going to want to include the fine china or burning candles with several kids at the table. If your guests are hard of hearing or have trouble with vision, this will impact how much you place on the table and where they are seated. I designed our breakfast nook around life with children, so I’m including a few designs here that are family-friendly.

Fall tablescape with beaded chandelier and coastal blue tablecloth.

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Add Lighting for Ambiance

Do you enjoy dining in a brightly lit space? We like to see our food, but dimming the lights can create a cozy and inviting space where guests feel comfortable and relaxed. However, be careful not to make it too dark, or your guests won’t make it through dinner! I love adding twinkle lights to our glass pumpkins for an added effect.

Mix Heights & Textures

I like to add a few areas of various heights to the table. For example, these candlesticks paired with a tall vase and faux stems. The combination on the table balances one another and also adds height to the design. These candle holders are amazing for all seasons.

Table setting with fresh eucalyptus in white vase sitting on blue tablecloth with seagrass placemats.

TableclothChairsCandle HoldersVasePlacematsDishesNapkinsNapkin Rings

Avoid Themes

I’ve said this before when sharing my designs – it is possible to achieve an overall look or decor vibe without making it overly themed and “cheesy”. Avoid items like large maple leaves on a tablecloth, too many pumpkin themed pieces, or an overload of fall patterns that don’t mesh well together. When you’re creating a casual design, incorporate one or two items that remind you of fall and leave it at that. Less is more!

Pumpkin serving dish on table setting.

Think Outside of the Box

When I think of fall, I think of beautiful foliage falling to the ground. Consider adding plain branches to your vase and scatter just a few leaves in a wood bowl. Another idea is to fill candles with brown acorns or place a pretty heirloom pumpkin on the table as a focal point. Fruit is also a great way to add a seasonal flair to your tablescape like these pears in a wood bowl. Simple yet inviting.

Pears in bowl as a centerpiece on top of blue floral tablecloth.

Simple Fall Tablescape Ideas

I’ve decorated our table using three different styles for fall decor. We live in a coastal setting, so I like to incorporate blue into my designs whenever I can. Also, I incorporated traditional fall colors into one design.

Denim Blue & Amber

Medium and deep blues are a perfect duo for earthy amber. The combination of colors reminds me of an autumn sunset over the marsh. Pairing neutral stems cuts down on the amount of warmth from the amber, creating a beautiful fall table setting.

Natural stems placed in an amber vase as a centerpiece.

TableclothPlacematsDishesNapkinsRingsAmber Vase

Bright Blue & Seagrass

Don’t be afraid to use bright blue in your fall tablescape decor. Adding amber and touches of natural seagrass will soften the coastal look for a beautiful fall touch.

TableclothPlacematsDishesNapkinsRingsAmber VasePumpkins

Traditional Colors

You can never go wrong when adding traditional fall colors into your tablescape design. I look for inspiration from the outdoors, like earthy and moody colors. You’ll find deep burnt oranges paired with burgundys and browns.

Traditional fall tablecloth with raffia placemats.

TableclothPlacematsDishesNapkinsRingsAmber VaseBowlCandleholders

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you describe a tablescape? In the past, a tablescape was simply referred to as a centerpiece. The traditional centerpiece has evolved from a floral arrangement into more of a design. A tablescape is artistic or creative approach to setting a table. It is a way to decorate a simple table setting and give it more eye-catching character with design.

How to plan a tablescape? First, start by browsing magazines, websites, and Pinterest to gather ideas for your table setting. Consider the time of day for the gathering and guests that will be present. Then select two to three colors for your display.

When should fall decorations be taken down? This is a highly personal decision and what occurs in my home is not exactly ideal for you. I’m constantly planning ahead for new seasons because I’m here to provide inspiration to you. With that being said, it depends on your Thanksgiving preference. Do you prefer an Autumn setting or Christmas setting at Thanksgiving? Ask yourself this question and it will determine when your fall decorations come down!

All Seasons Table Settings

All of these designs can easily transition into other seasons. This is why blue is easy to incorporate into several designs. You can easily swap out the florals and add winter berries or spring florals depending on the time of year.

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