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Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

I know how overwhelming selecting the perfect paint colors for your home can be. It can feel like such an important decision and the last thing you want to do is choose something you regret. To create our coastal-styled home, I kept it simple and clean with a few different white paint colors on the walls. One of these paint colors is Cloud White by Benjamin Moore, which we used in our master bedroom. In this post I’m going to share how to choose the perfect white paint color, discuss whether Cloud White is a warm or cool white, compare this paint color to other warm whites, discuss what colors pair nicely with Cloud White, and answer some FAQ about Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.

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Warm white paint color on walls in bedroom with rush canopy bed and white bedding.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130

For our master bedroom, I wanted to find the best warm cream paint color. I was searching for a warm white that wasn’t a stark white, but also not overly beige or yellow. I ended up choosing Cloud White OC-130 by Benjamin Moore and I’ve been in love with this warm cream paint color ever since! I love how it looks with our blue dressers that we used as nightstands.

Faux eucalyptus on blue linen nightstand in bedroom.

Best Warm Cream Paint Color

If this is your first time painting with white paint, you may be thinking that all whites are essentially the same. I’m here to tell you, this is not true! One of the major differences between white paint colors is that some are warm whites, while others are cool whites. What this is referring to is the undertones that make up the shade of white. Warm whites have red, yellow, or orange undertones while cool whites have purple, blue, and sometimes green undertones. It can take some trial and error to find the perfect white paint color for your project. Knowing that I wanted a warm, creamy white that wasn’t overly yellow, I chose what I believe to be one of the best warm cream paint colors, Cloud White, OC-130. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a true white paint color that is less creamy, I highly recommend Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

If you’re looking for DIY options for your bedroom to decorate on a budget, I wrapped this canopy bed with rush and installed picture frame molding on the walls.

Blue linen chest in bedroom with white lamp and rush canopy bed.

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How to Choose Warm Whites

When choosing the best warm cream paint color for your home, there are a few important things to keep in mind. I highly recommend purchasing a small sample of the paint and applying it to multiple walls in any rooms that you are painting. It’s important to see what this color will look like on the walls at different times of the day and with different lighting. I also recommend avoiding the temptation to purchase a “color matched” paint from another brand. These paint matches are typically a little off when it comes to warm whites. Be sure to check out my tips for choosing the perfect white paint color for even more advice!

Warm Whites

Selecting a white paint color can be a daunting task. Some whites will leave your home feeling sterile. I prefer to use a nice warm white in living settings like a bedroom where you’ll have the soft glow of lamps at night. A warm white paint color will create a beautiful ambiance that’s perfect for relaxing.

Cloud White vs. Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee OC-45 is another beautiful creamy warm white paint color and it is very similar to Cloud White. Swiss Coffee is just a tad darker and can lead itself to looking slightly yellow. These two warm whites actually look great paired together, as a wall and trim combination.

Cloud White vs. White Dove

Another very similar warm white paint color is White Dove. The difference between these two is very subtle and really requires close examination to notice. White Dove has a slightly lower LRV than Cloud White, making it a tad less bright, and it is also slightly more beige.

Studio McGee white dove paint color in their home.
White Dove via Studio McGee

Cloud White vs. Alabaster

If you love the shade and undertones of Cloud White, but are looking for something slightly darker, check out Alabaster. This Benjamin Moore paint color is another wonderful creamy warm white!

Cloud White vs. Snowbound

While Cloud White is a warm white paint, Snowbound is much more of a crisp white, without being overly warm or cool. If you compare these two white paint colors side-by-side you will quickly notice that Snowbound has more gray undertones than Cloud White.

Cloud White vs. Greek Villa

Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams is another creamy warm white favorite. Greek Villa is a tad warmer and darker than Cloud White, so if you paint a sample of Cloud White that appears too bright or too white, give this warm white a try.

Warm white paint color comparison chart.

What is LRV?

LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. The closer a color is to 100, the closer it is to pure white and more light is reflected. Any color with an LRV above 50 will bounce back more light than it absorbs, therefore brightening a room.

Colors that Pair Nicely with Cloud White OC-130

Cloud White OC-130 is the perfect creamy warm paint color to pair with a bright white trim, such as Chantilly Lace. The slight contrast provided by placing this warm white next to a true white adds a nice visual appeal, while also keeping the space calm, neutral, and welcoming. We love Chantilly Lace in our Timeless Bathroom. If you’re wanting to add color to a room, Cloud White also looks wonderful with Benjamin Moore’s popular colors Healing Aloe, Blue Heather, and Kensington Blue. Overall, this warm white paint looks great with all neutrals and other colors that pair well with warm neutrals, such as blues and greens.

Timeless bathroom painted in chantilly lace.

Where to use Cloud White Paint

Cloud White by Benjamin Moore is a creamy, warm white that looks wonderful on walls, trim and cabinets. It is a great color to use in any location you’re looking to add a soft white paint color with slightly warm undertones that aren’t too yellow. In our master bedroom we paired our Cloud White walls with white bedding and pops of blue in our pillows and nightstands. The end result is a lovely classic and coastal bedroom.

Decorating bed with white linens in room with walls painted a creamy white color.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase Benjamin Moore Cloud White? Benjamin Moore paints are sold at Ace Hardware stores and if you’re local to the Charleston area, you can also purchase Cloud White at Spectrum Paint Company. *Important note: Be careful to get Cloud White and NOT White Cloud. These are two very different paint colors!
  • What does the OC mean in paint colors? OC is an abbreviation for the name of the Benjamin Moore collection, “Off-White Colors”. Benjamin Moore has many different collections, such as HC, the “Historical Collection” and AC, “America’s Colors”.
  • What does LRV mean in paint colors? LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. The closer a color is to 100, the closer it is to pure white and more light is reflected. Any color with an LRV above 50 will bounce back more light than it absorbs, therefore brightening a room.
  • Is it necessary to get a paint sample for warm whites? I highly recommend purchasing a small can of sample paint for warm whites. Whites can be tricky and take on different undertones and change hues depending on the time of day. Painting a sample area is the best way to plan for this.

Cloud White, OC-130

What do you think? Do you consider Benjamin Moore Cloud White to be one of the best warm cream paint colors? Do you have other warm whites that you love? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! And be sure to check out my thoughts on some other favorite white paint colors, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore and Extra White by Sherwin-Williams.

Photography Credit for this post – Caitlyn Motycka Photography.

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