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Extra White by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7006)

I love a home filled with crisp, white walls. Everything is fresh and welcoming, while also being so easily personalized. Neutral white walls allow for any decor style to come through, are easily adorned for the holidays, and are simply beautiful.  One of my favorite crisp white paint colors is Extra White by Sherwin-Williams (SW). In this post I’m going to share some tips for painting a room white, compare SW Extra White to other popular white paint colors, discuss what colors pair nicely with this paint, and share where you can use Extra White, SW 7006 in your home. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect white paint color for your home, be sure to check out some of the other white paints we have and love in our home, Chantilly Lace and Cloud White.

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Extra White paint color of board and batten walls.
Extra White in Our Boy’s Bedroom

Tips for Choosing a White Paint Color

Before diving into details about Extra White by Sherwin-Williams, I’d like to share some of my best tips for painting a room white. 

  • Decide whether you’re looking for a warm white, cool white, or neutral white. Different undertones will bring out different hues in a room.
  • Pay attention to the LRV, which measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. The closer a color is to LRV 100, the closer it is to pure white and the brighter it will be.
  • Always paint a sample of white paint on different facing walls in any room you are painting. Pay close attention to how these samples look at different times of the day for multiple days before making a decision. 
  • If you find a white paint color that you love, don’t be afraid to use it in multiple rooms! On the other hand, you can also choose white paint colors that flow well together, but aren’t exactly the same, in different rooms of your home.
  • Never color match whites across different brands. White paint colors are too specialized and color matching them is simply too risky.
Extra white paint used on wall treatment.
Extra White via Life On Summerhill

Extra White by Sherwin-Williams

Extra White, SW 7006 is a tough, but rewarding paint when you get it right. This white paint color is one that really depends on the setting and lighting of the room. Extra White is a stark, bright white, but it does tend to pull a little cool. This paint can sometimes give off hints of purple, gray, or blue, so be sure to keep this in mind. The LRV of Extra White is 86, meaning it If you’re looking for a warmer white paint, I highly recommend one of my favorites, Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.

What is LRV?

 LRV is “Light Reflectance Value” which means how light or dark a paint color will look on a scale of 0 to 100 (black to white). It is figured out by how much light is absorbed or reflected from a paint color. The LRV is important to understand when looking at different paint colors and settings with different lighting in your home. You’ll find it located in each paint chip description from the manufacturer.

Photos of Extra White SW 7006

I always find it very helpful to see photos of completed rooms when choosing a white paint color. Although seeing a photo doesn’t replace painting a sample of the actual paint on your walls (don’t skip this step!), it can help you visualize your space and style before beginning. We have SW Extra White on the walls in our coastal playroom and we also added some fun to these walls by stamping them with sailboats! Additionally, we have Extra White on the walls in our coastal kids’ bedroom. I love how this white paint color really brightens up the space!

Extra White vs. Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is another popular white paint color. Chantilly Lace is actually a bit brighter than Extra White, with a higher LRV, but it doesn’t pull as many blue undertones like Extra White tends to do. We have Chantilly Lace in multiple rooms in our home and it is a nice, true white paint color, in the perfect setting.

Chantilly lace used in foyer on walls of home.
Chantilly Lace via Finding Lovely

Extra White vs. Pure White

If you love the true, crisp whiteness of Extra White, but are looking for something a tad less bright and a little softer, then Pure White by Sherwin-Williams might be your answer. Pure White doesn’t come off as stark and has a drop of gray in it, so some find it better suited for walls than Extra White (although, personally, I think Extra White can be great for walls as well!)

Extra White vs. Super White

Super White by Benjamin Moore is probably the closest paint color you can find to Extra White, without being an exact match. Extra White tends to pull just a tad more blue undertones compared to Super White. The LRV of Super White is higher, making it brighter and just a bit more of a true white. 

Extra White vs. Decorator’s White

Similar to Extra White, Decorator’s White is a crisp, bright white with slightly cool undertones. The main difference between these two white paints is that Decorator’s White has a drop of gray, rather than a drop of blue undertone.

Decorator's White used in a kitchen with white cabinets and marble backsplash.
Decorator’s White via Z Design At Home and Drawn Company

Colors that Pair Nicely with SW Extra White

SW Extra White is a bright white, but it does fall a little on the cool side. For that reason, I love pairing it with other cool colors. Extra White looks great with coastal blues such as Celestia Blue and Oxford Gray by Benjamin Moore. This color also pops beautifully alongside cool gray paint colors such as Storm Cloud and North Star by Sherwin-Williams.

Color comparison of white paints and cool blue colors.

Where to Use Extra White by Sherwin-Williams

I shared how I used Extra White, SW 7006 on the walls in our coastal kids’ bedroom and playroom, but this white paint color is great for so much more than just walls! SW Extra White is the perfect bright white paint color for ceilings, doors, trims, and moldings. Applying this white paint color to ceilings and moldings will instantly add brightness and height to your space. If you’re looking to create a very bright and modern kitchen, Extra White would be a good choice for cabinet paint as well. This white paint color can also be used on exteriors for a bold, bright white home.

Extra white paint used on walls in kids room with stamped sailboats.
Extra White as background white in this room.
Extra white paint color used in a home with white shiplap and brick fireplace.
Extra White via Casey Rutherford and Lauren Carnes Photography

SW Extra White Paint

You can purchase SW Extra White Paint at any local Sherwin-Williams stores in your area. What are your thoughts on this crisp, white paint color? Is it too bright for your liking or just bright enough? Would you dare to paint your walls Extra White or would you use it for your trim and ceilings? I’d love to hear your experiences with this bright white paint color and help answer any questions you may have in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for this comprehensive post. Which sheen do you recommend using on wood plank walls?


    1. Hi Mary, it depends on the location. I prefer a matte or flat finish but if you need to clean it frequently, semi-gloss is great!

  2. I live in an older home (1924) and the walls (many plaster) have all settled a bit over the years. I was told white shows all imperfections more than a color. Have you found this to be true?

    1. Hi there, I don’t have experience with plaster walls I’m sorry! This Old House has some great tips!

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