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Popular Types of Marble Used in Bathroom Design

I am sharing marble tile and bathroom inspiration for our master bathroom, along with popular types of marble and the various shapes, sizes, and patterns used in bathroom design.

As we design our master bathroom renovation, it is my goal to design a timeless bathroom. I’m looking for designs that are on trend, yet classic and will stand the test of time. There are so many things to consider while putting together a dream bathroom design. First, let’s explore popular types of marble.

How to Use Marble Tile in Bathroom Design

Different Types of Marble Tile for the Bathroom

Marble is a natural stone and is highly desired for it’s timeless design. There are several different types of marble and today I’m going to discuss white marble. A few of my favorites include Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. The list doesn’t stop here and each type of marble has several varieties. When I’m comparing Carrara to Calacatta, I typically think of Carrara as a muted marble that is not bright white. Then, I think of Calacatta as having a bold and distinctive pattern. It can get very confusing, very quickly. Here is a summary of each of my favorites:

  1. Carrara Marble is named after the city of Carrara in Italy. It is white with a blue-gray tone, with a finer and irregular feather like appearance.
  2. Calacatta comes from a vast mountain range in the Carrara region in Italy. It has a brighter white background with thicker and substantial veining.
  3. Statuario is also quarried in the Carrara region of Italy. It has a heavier contrasting with a bright white background, muted small veins, and long grey veins. When I think of Statuario, I think of contrast!


Different Shapes and Sizes of Marble Tile

Now that we have discussed different types of marble, we can discuss the different shapes and sizes of marble tile. Marble can live in various spaces in your bathroom including the countertops, backsplash, floors, showers, and more. It is common to use a variety of shapes, sizes, and pattern in one bathroom design. I prefer to keep the design limited to three styles. For example, a herringbone pattern on the shower floor with larger format tiles on walls and bathroom floor. I’m sharing inspiration next.

You will see various tiles used perfectly in this bathroom. I love the mixture of diagonal, hexagon, penny, and larger tiles.

Marble Tile Finishes: Honed and Polished

You’ve selected the type of marble and learned about the different shapes, sizes, and patterns. Now let’s discuss more about the finishes. You’ve likely heard the terms “honed” and “polished” when discussing marble. Honed marble is the result of grinding down and smoothing the stone and the final appearance before it is polished. Therefore, it is not as shiny and does not reflect light like a polished surface. Polished stone is exactly as it sounds. It has been polished to give a glossy appearance.

Marble Bathroom Tile Care and Maintenance

Feeling inspired yet? I was incredibly inspired until I started reading about caring for marble. It’s not impossible but it does require extra care. It needs to be sealed properly by a professional and it does require upkeep. You need to be cautious with spills and clean them immediately. Also, you cannot leave water standing or use abrasive cleaners.

So is marble a great option for our family with young children? I worry about beauty products and oils causing damage. Also, my children getting into something they’re not supposed to have and causing stains.

Design Your Bathroom with Marble or Not? That’s the Question!

In summary, are you loving the large format tiles or smaller and more detailed designs? Are you on team herringbone, penny, or hexagon? Do you love the warm or cool tones? There are no right answers here and these are all personal preferences. Which honestly makes the decision making process a lot more difficult!

As if this is not already enough to digest, did you know that there are so many faux marble choices out there that look amazing in bathrooms!? We have barely skimmed the surface on marble but I’ll dive into the faux marble world next as we decide which route we will take with our master bathroom renovation.

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