Coastal Office Decor Plans + Inspiration

Designing our coastal inspired office with built-ins and desks for kids and adults. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Are you following along with our coastal office makeover on Instagram? My husband and I are currently tearing down and putting up walls, installing pocket doors, planning for vertical shiplap, and designing built-in shelving with desks. Over the next few weeks, I am dedicating blog posts for each project we complete in the office. However, I’m here today to share inspiration and an outline for the project!

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Our Coastal Office Makeover Plans

Here is a quick overview of our plans for the office. We are currently working on this project as I write this post. We have plans to replace our floors with white oak flooring this summer and I will share those details when we receive samples!

Step 1: Removing Botched Board and Batten

Old and uneven board and batten walls in our at home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

We have board and batten in the office and foyer that was installed incorrectly. Many of the boards are not level, they are not flush with the trim, and there is visible damage to the drywall throughout the room. We have started removing the boards and unfortunately, they were glued to the drywall, causing even more damage as they are removed.

Wall damage caused by incorrectly installed board and batten walls in our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
Surveying the wall damage caused by board and batten walls that were poorly installed in our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
Wall damage from old board and batten walls in our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Step 2: Removing the Columns

The process of removing old crown columns from the walls in our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Oh, these old crown columns. I have wanted to remove them from the day we moved into our home. Three years later, they still sat in the foyer. My husband finally consulted with a contractor and determined that they were purely decorative. It took less than one hour for him to remove them and it has completely transformed the space!

The process of removing the old crown columns that flanked our front door, just outside of our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Step 3: Constructing a Header and Support Wall for Pocket Doors

The process of installing a header that will support sliding pocket doors for our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

The hardest part of this project has been planning out and installing the header to support the doors. Without a header, the doors will sag over time, so we had to construct a header to carry the weight evenly. Scott spent hours planning and designing this part of the project. I am so proud of him with the finished result. I will post a detailed blog post with all of the details behind this wall construction!

Wood support beams that will hold up the heading support for the pocket doors of our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Step 4: Refinish Pocket Doors

Vintage wood and glass pocket doors that need to be refinished and installed in our home office.#office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

We found a pair of french doors on our local Facebook Marketplace for $100 total. They are constructed of real wood and covered in white paint. Using citristrip and the method I used for refinishing our bedroom furniture, I stripped the doors. These doors were a PAIN to strip and they required additional methods, like using a steel brush, paint thinner, spraying with a water hose, and scraping the paint with a razor blade. We have not finished the doors because we are waiting on our floor samples to color match the finish.

The process of stripping down the finish from old white wood pocket doors, which will soon be installed in our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
Sanding down the paint on the old wood and glass pocket doors we plan on installing in our home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Step 5: Install Vertical Shiplap

Our next plan is to install vertical shiplap. We will install this directly over the damaged walls so we do not have to repair the drywall. We are currently debating two different methods of shiplap installation. First, this primed shiplap from Home Depot. Second, wider planks ripped from sheets of plywood. Be on the lookout for an update on which method we choose!

Step 6: Built-in Desks and Shelving

Next, I am including a few designs for the room that we are considering. We would like to have a place for two children to sit and work. Now, we have to decide if we want to build two desks flanking the pocket doors or place them on one wall. If the desks flank the pocket doors, we may have room for a traditional desk for the adults. Which look is your favorite?

Mood Boards: Office Builts Ins, Desks, and Shelving

Mood board for our coastal office - shows the built in shelves, desks, chairs and rug for our office decor. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
Mood board for our coastal style office that shows the flooring, area rug, and accessories we want to pair with our built-in cabinets. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
A mood board for our coastal style home office, showing the flooring, rug, and chairs we'd love to have in our new home office. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
Our home office mood board with coastal style office decor - we love this blue and gray oriental rug paired with white chairs and white built in cabinets. #office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks
Our coastal office space mood board, with the flooring, area rug, and office chairs we'd love to pair with our new built in shelves.#office #kidsdesks #coastaldeco #coastalhome #builtins #builtindesks

Home Office Decor and Accessories

As always, this room will have a coastal vibe, with hints of blue and pink. I hope to purchase a large vintage rug like the one pictured above. Once we have a solid design for the room, I will share more decor inspiration!

A large vintage blue and gray oriental rug would be perfect in our home office space.
Zuma Imports
Ballard Danya Chairs would be perfect accent pieces in our home office space.
Dayna Chairs – Ballard Designs
I love these Bailey woven chairs, which would give our home office space the perfect coastal touch.
Bailey Woven Chair – Ballard Designs

I am so excited for this project and I cannot wait to reveal it over the next several weeks! Have a wonderful week!

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