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DIY Seagrass Woven Canopy Bed

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How to Wrap Furniture and Achieve a Woven Seagrass Look for Less!

I have wanted a woven canopy bed in our master bedroom for the longest time and I finally found the perfect bed on clearance. I love the look of seagrass and grasscloth furniture, so I decided to step it up a notch with our new canopy bed. I saw this bed from Kathy Kuo and decided to get the look for less. It only retails for $8000, which is way out of my budget! How did I do it? I’m going to share that with you next!

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Materials Used


I wish I could include some mind blowing instructions here but it was quite simple. Pack your patience. Wrap the bed. Secure it. Protect it. Boom and done. If you’re using a thrifted bed, there is a good chance that you will need to adapt these instructions.

  1. Start at one end on the backside of the furniture, secure the hemp cording with a staple. Then wrap over the staple. You can also use glue to secure, but I opted out of adhesives to avoid damage to the bed, in case I change my mind at a later date. I also tied the cording on the backside of the headboard.
  2. Starting at one edge, wrap cord around the furniture in a circular motion, pulling tight with each pass. Confirm no overlapping pieces.
  3. Spray with protective material. I have not completed this step, I’m waiting until I tape off the room for paint and I will do it then. I will update the process we use.

A Few Extra Tips

  • Pieces with straight edges will be easier to wrap.
  • If you’re putting the bed or piece of furniture together after wrapping it, make sure you mark where your hardware will go. After wrapping, it is hard to locate those spots.
  • If you’re wrapping a canopy bed, leave an inch or two on each end so the bed can be connected. Then go back and touch up.
  • I selected hemp cording over traditional jute rope. It is wound tightly without a lot of shedding.
  • The hemp cording does have a smell at first, but it fades with time.
  • I left the top canopy corners bare for now. Wrapping them at a diagonal looked sloppy. If anything, I will glue strands of cording on the corners or wrap small square templates and glue those the corners.

This process can be used on almost anything you want to give a natural woven look. Beware though, if you have cats, I would skip this project. What’s next for this room? Millwork, removing the fan, and using a paint sprayer for the first time! That’s a wrap, time to get busy and finish our master bedroom makeover!

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