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Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

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DIY Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover using peel and stick tile with contact paper. #ikeadiy #ikeahack #playroom #playkitchen

A few months ago, I revealed our playroom for the 2018 Fall One Room Challenge. One of the key components to this room was making over an IKEA Duktig kitchen. This was an incredibly easy makeover that a beginner can complete to make their IKEA kitchen fabulous.

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The hardest part of the project? Putting the kitchen together using Ikea’s infamous picture only instructions and one million parts. We will begin with a little humor for this project.

Ha! Aren’t those great? An important thing to note, if you plan to paint the kitchen and change the countertop, do that before assembly. Take it from me friend, you do not want to assemble, to have to disassemble, to have to reassemble it all again.

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I chose to paint the kitchen and the hardware. It did take several coats of chalk paint to cover this surface. I also tried several “brass” spray paints before finding the perfect one. Finally, I would recommend sealing both the kitchen and the hardware. They will take a beating by little hands!

I used this chalk paint on the kitchen.

I used this sealant on the kitchen.

I used this spray paint for the hardware.

I used this sealant for the hardware.

Construct the backsplash

This was the fanciest part of the makeover. Let me tell you, after working with the peel and stick tile, I was ready to demo my subway tile in the kitchen and replace it with peel and stick tile. I’m pretty sure my husband would not go for that idea though. I’m also not sure how that would pan out with future home buyers.

I used this peel and stick tile.

As backing, I used foam poster board. Honestly, if you have access to a piece of wood that can be cut to size, I would go that route for durability. However, our foam board is holding up nicely!

Measure your opening, cut the board to size, then apply the foam tile. I used liquid nails to attach it to the back of the kitchen. If you use board, you could also use nails for this part.

Makeover the Countertop

Learn from my mistakes, do this part before assembling the kitchen. I did not and had to take the kitchen apart to get the contact paper to stick properly. It does get tricky when trying to cover the corners of the countertops.

I used this contact paper.

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Recap and Instructions

  • Paint the pieces before assembly.
  • Makeover the countertop.
  • Assemble (in one million easy steps).
  • Paint the hardware.
  • Attach backsplash.
  • Attach hardware.
DIY Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover using peel and stick tile with contact paper. #ikeadiy #ikeahack #playroom #playkitchen

This IKEA Duktig kitchen makeover was easy peasy folks. While it was a breeze to complete, it did require a little bit of patience when assembling the kitchen. The possibilities are endless and I challenge you to step outside of the box to make it fit your own personality. Your little ones will absolutely love it! As always, head over to my Instagram page where I have saved stories while completing this project to my highlights.


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  1. Great tips! I love how your kitchen turned out to be though. The golden details are lovely and give space rustic, yet modern charm. I’m certain you’ll make some wonderful memories here. 🙂

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