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Light Wood Bathroom Vanity

It has been so fun and rewarding to see our bathroom renovation come to life! As anyone who has renovated a room knows, it takes a lot of work and planning, but it’s almost always worth it. One of my absolute favorite pieces in our newly renovated space is our light wood bathroom vanity. This piece is truly the epitome of The Coastal Oak aesthetic! The combination of this light wood bathroom vanity with our marble tile flooring, Zellige shower tile and brass hardware is everything I dreamed it would be! In this post I’m excited to share more about natural wood, how it is used in design, different types of natural wood vanities, and important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom vanity. Let’s get started!

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Natural Wood Furniture

Natural wood is exactly as the name implies, wood that was grown naturally from a tree. There are many different types of natural wood such as oak, cherry, and acacia, to name a few. While natural wood is solid wood, composite, on the other hand, is a mixture of several components often including wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent. What I find to be so special about natural wood is the fact that each piece is unique, containing its own patterns, swirls, and beautiful imperfections. I also love the versatility of natural wood furniture, as it can be used with so many different design aesthetics. A timeless home might feature a natural wood dresser surrounded by classic decor, while a natural wood floating bathroom vanity would look excellent in a modern home. For any design style and in every room, natural wood furniture is sure to add warmth and comfort to the space.

Light Wood Bathroom Vanity

Our newly renovated bathroom features white Zellige shower tile, white marble floors, and brass hardware accents. We knew a light wood bathroom vanity would be the perfect piece to bring the room together and add a little warmth to the space. And so began our search for the light wood vanity of our dreams!

Natural Wood Vanities – Buying Versus Refinishing 

There are a few different options when choosing a natural wood vanity. You can buy a new vanity, order a custom one, repurpose a piece of furniture into a light wood vanity, or you could even DIY and create your own. The simplest option is buying a new bathroom vanity and there are many beautiful ones to choose from. I absolutely love the combination of light wood and caning on this bathroom vanity! Double wood vanities look wonderful in larger bathrooms and there are many beautiful ones on the market to choose from. If you can’t seem to find exactly what your heart desires, you can work with a company to create a custom light wood bathroom vanity. This is the route we decided to go so that we could get exactly what we had in mind. Our custom double wood vanity is from The Bramble Company. It is available to custom order from their website, but if you live locally you can custom order at Steven Shell Living, which is what we did.

If you’re looking to take on a new project and possibly save money, you could repurpose a light wood vanity or even create your own! Some of my favorite furniture flips are when I refinish natural wood furniture. I love the appearance of natural wood after bleaching furniture or whitewashing furniture. You can repurpose an old dresser or chest into a light wood bathroom vanity by refinishing the furniture and adding stone and a sink on top. Just be cautious of veneer, as it could be hiding particle board underneath instead of solid wood and it can also be difficult to remove. Be sure to check out my tips for removing veneer on wood furniture if you go this route.

Lastly, you could DIY and build a light wood vanity. Creating your own bathroom vanity would save money and might not be as difficult as it sounds! There are a lot of DIY natural wood vanity tutorials available as resources.


Light Wood Bathroom Vanity – Important Considerations

Whether you decide to purchase a light wood bathroom vanity or create your own, here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

  • How many sinks will you need for the space? 
  • What is your ideal bathroom vanity height? You don’t want to purchase one that is too short or too tall for your comfort.
  • Does the light wood vanity come with stone on top or will you need to have stone ordered and cut? Having to add stone will add to the overall cost. So, if a vanity seems expensive, but it already includes stone, it might actually be cheaper or around the same price in the end.
  • Does the vanity have good storage? Pay attention to the number of functioning drawers and the depth of the drawers.
  • Does the vanity have ample cabinet space? A lot of cabinets don’t have great storage, but we actually love our vanity cabinet because it has shelves. It’s also important to keep in mind that plumbing will be under a cabinet and take up space.
Natural wood vanity in primary bathroom with Carrara marble and antique brass fixtures.

Light Wood Vanities for Your Home

After seeing our bathroom renovation completed, I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our custom made light wood bathroom vanity is truly a standout piece and I can’t help but admire it every time I pass by! Do you love natural wood vanities as much as I do? If you’re looking to add one to your home are you planning to purchase, repurpose, or DIY the project? I’d love to hear about your plans and I’m always happy to help answer any questions along the way!

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