Spring Refresh with Hunter Fan Company

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A spring refresh for our shared kids' room with hunter fan company where we replaced our old fan with the new Havoc, three blade white fan.  #whitefan #coastalbedroom #kidsroom #sharedroom #hunterfancompany

A Spring Refresh in the Shared Kids’ Room with Hunter Fan Company

We live in the South and fans are a must-have item. It is so hot here and even with air-conditioning, keeping the air moving is key! Our existing fans did not match our decor, so we set out to replace them, one room at a time. Today, I’m sharing a little refresh to our shared kids’ room and our new fan from Hunter Fan Company that we absolutely love!

Kids’ Room Makeover: Before & After

According to Weather Spark, Charleston averages 88 degrees in July. Add in the humidity and it gets smoking hot here! We live in an elevated home and have two air conditioning units, one controlling the downstairs, and the other controlling our upstairs. If it were up to my husband, we would keep the thermostat set at 80 degrees in the summer. No chance! We have compromised on 75 degrees during the day and unfortunately, it feels much warmer in the bedrooms upstairs. Therefore, fans are a must-have item in our home.

Our kids room, before the spring makeover - the kids room was decorated with all white, spindle beds, a vintage refinished dresser, and white and blue stripped rug.#whitefan #coastalbedroom #kidsroom #sharedroom #hunterfancompany
BEFORE – Caitlyn Motycka Photography

The ceiling fan was the first thing that you noticed when walking into the shared kids’ bedroom. The dark color attracted your eyes up to the ceiling, away from all of the pretty decor. The light attachment was old and did not provide adequate lighting for their large room. Our new fan is sleek and blends into the ceiling while complimenting the overall aesthetics of the room. I love the fun design for a coastal home!

In addition, our old fan had started to wobble over the years and was very loud when in use. We never put it above level one out of fear that it would shake loose and fall from the ceiling. My husband removed the old fan and replaced it with our new Havoc fan by easily following the instructions provided in the box.

Before the Springtime makeover for our kids' bedroom - the kids room had matching spindle beds, a blue and white stripped rug, and vintage refinished dresser.#whitefan #coastalbedroom #kidsroom #sharedroom #hunterfancompany

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Hunter Fan Company

We installed the

Havoc SureSpeed fan from Hunter Fan Company

. While we installed this fan indoors, it is also rated for outdoor use. Why did we work with Hunter Fan Company on this project? Their SureSpeed® guarantee and overall aesthetics. SureSpeed is a guarantee, created exclusively by Hunter Fan Company to help identify specific products in the Hunter line that offers an optimized level of airflow for customers and set a new standard of quality and performance.

A brand new white ceiling fan installed in our shared kids' bedroom.

Precision Blades – The contoured, specially designed blades push air more efficiently than standard flat blades. SureSpeed blades are made for durability and more long-lasting cooling and because of their design, they produce a more uniform flow of air.

Optimized Motor – The smaller motor in the SureSpeed fan means less material goes into production. The improved design leads to higher performance with less energy use. It is also covered by Hunter’s limited lifetime warranty (like ALL Hunter fans). The motor is 10% smaller than the traditional Hunter motor.

Airflow – These fans create 20% more airflow velocity than competitors.

Aesthetics – Hunter has hundreds of designs to match any taste or preference. We love the sleek three-blade design of our new fan in our space. It also comes with wall control for easy speed and lighting adjustment right from our wall switch.

A closer look at the Hunter Fan Company ceiling fan we installed in our kids' bedroom for a Spring makeover.

Whisper Quiet and Wobble Free – A creaking and wobbly fan can greatly disrupt the quiet needed for a good night’s rest or the ambiance of a shared space and Hunter’s fans are all engineered with Whisper Wind to ensure that both of those nuisances are a thing of the past.

WeatherMax® Technology – The Havoc fan can also be installed outside in the elements, so if you love it indoors, you can install it outside in any setting! Because it is salt-rated and wet-rated, it is corrosion resistant and can be installed in an uncovered pergola or porch frequently exposed to the elements!

LED Light – The LED light kit allows for lower energy consumption, brighter light output and a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. It also came with one energy-efficient, dimmable LED bulb which allows for control of the ambiance in the overall space.

The new Hunter Fan Company ceiling fan we installed in our kids shared bedroom has sleek white blades and an overhead light for natural, less harsh room lighting.

Customer Service – Our box was missing one set of screws and when I reported it to the customer service team, they were extremely helpful. Our set of screws arrived within days and we were able to complete the project on schedule!

Refreshing the Kids’ Shared Bedroom for Spring

Do you remember how this room began? It had ugly green walls and was a catch-all for storage. There was a lonely mattress on the floor and a desk shoved in one corner. When my son started having nightmares and no longer wanted to sleep in his bedroom alone, we decided to make a shared kids’ room. Micah and Celia have loved sharing a room and Micah feels much more secure now.

The biggest refresh for this room is on the fifth wall, the new white ceiling fan. Next, I added seasonal plants to the nightstand. Finally, I swapped out pillows and throw blankets to soften the overall look for spring. I love the mixture of soft blues and pinks for a neutral shared room.

What’s next for this room? I hope to find a dresser for between the beds with working drawers. The current dresser is an antique and many of the drawers get stuck, making it difficult for the kids to use. If you have questions about our current dresser, I followed this technique while refinishing the piece. Be on the lookout for more updates!

Our only complaint with this project? My daughter was scared of the new fan for a few days because what two year old loves change? She quickly fell in love with it after we pointed out the resemblance to a fan in her Barbie Dreamhouse. Crisis averted for another day!

Details in our kids' shared bedroom updated for Spring; a wicker basket filled with stuffed animals, dolls and extra pillows.
Spring decor touches in our kids' shared bedroom; fresh plants and galvanized metal initials sit on top of a vintage refinished dresser.
A spring refresh in our shared kids' room included a new ceiling fan, fresh linens, and some small decor changes to freshen up for Spring.

We honestly love the new fan in the shared kids’ room and I cannot wait to replace the rest of our ceiling fans! Have a wonderful day!


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