50+ Wide Nightstand Options for Every Budget

Lokoing for a new bedroom nightstand? I've curated 50 plus wide nightstands for every budget, including three drawer chests, small dressers, and options for children

I’m on the hunt for a new “nightstand” for the shared kids’ room and it has not be an easy task to complete. The ideal nightstand will sit low and wide with easy-to-open drawers. Our ideal nightstand is 30 inches tall and 49 inches wide, that’s not specific at all? Many of my followers have voiced their frustrations in finding wide nightstands, so I’m here today to share 50+ fantastic wide nightstand options!

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This gorgeous wide night stand doubles as a dresser in our kid's shared bedroom
Caitlyn Motycka Photography
A wide mightstand is a great option for a shared bedroom, like our kids' room.
Caitlyn Motycka Photography

While searching for wide bedroom nightstands, try using the term “children’s dresser” because those are often shorter in height and length. Also, think outside of the box and search for “3 drawer chests” “bachelor’s chests,” “wide nightstands,” “short dressers,” and etc. Depending on your bed height, some of these options may be too tall. Many of them have ornamental legs and you can remove those so it sits flat on the ground. Finally, consider entertainment centers and cabinets while performing your search!

Beautiful Wide Nightstand Options

This wide 4 drawer nightstand is in our girl's shared bedroom and has plenty of space for storage and more.

Which nightstand option is your favorite for this space? I personally love the natural wood finishes on several of these options and prefer the reclaimed look for this room! I hope you love a few of these options and I cannot wait to order our piece of furniture to share with you all soon!

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