GE Ultrafresh Washer and Dryer Review

I’m sharing my thoughts on purchasing a new washer and dryer, which set we purchased and why. I hope this post helps those who are also in search of a new washer and dryer, and helps you at least narrow down your search.

Coastal laundry room inspiration.

Our old washer and dryer recently kicked the bucket, and we began the search for a new duo. When we moved into our home, we purchased a new top loader set. We didn’t splurge, but we were under the impression they would last for a long time. Fast forward four years, and they’re toast. We’ve taken our washer apart several times to wash away buildup-causing bad smells. Our dryer wouldn’t turn off if the door was open and then finally, the dial stopped working. After talking to several professionals, reading hundreds of reviews and discussing this purchase with my Instagram followers, we decided on a GE front loader. So today, I’m going to share my GE Ultrafresh washer and dryer review.

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GE Ultrafresh Washer and Dryer Review

I know you might be surprised that we purchased a front loader because front loader machines have a really bad reputation. I owned a set prior to moving into our house and said never again. But after countless hours of research, we found this one was going to be the best choice for our family.

Coastal laundry room inspiration.

GE UltraFresh Features

The main reason many people are turned off by front loaders is because they’re notorious for growing mold and odor-causing bacteria within the rim of the washer, which is kind of a big deal considering you want your clothes to be cleaned in this thing. So when we found the GE Ultrafresh, we discovered that GE actually partners with Mircroban – which specializes in anti-bacterial technology.

The Ultrafresh vent for our front loader washing machine keeps it clean.
Microban and GE teamed up to help fight bacteria in the washing machine.

The GE Ultrafresh washer features Microban technology in the water gasket, dispenser and pump, which prevents all the icky stuff I was concerned about with a front loader.

The washer also has a wider gasket than other front loaders which helps drain excess water after each wash cycle. No extra water = reduced odor-causing bacteria.

GE Ultrafresh Fits our lifestyle

In addition to all the wonderful odor-defending benefits, this washer and dryer does some amazing time-saving tricks that helps this mama out.

You can put an entire 50oz bottle of detergent into the detergent dispenser. The washer senses the weight and material of the items in the washer and automatically puts the correct amount of detergent into the machine for an adequate wash. Now, we actually don’t use liquid detergent anymore because many followers on Instagram said that liquid detergent isn’t the best for keeping your washer odor-free. But if you love a good liquid detergent, this is a huge win, so you don’t have to fill up the dispenser every single time you wash your clothes. This saves time and detergent. Win-win!

Laundry room inspiration with white front loader washer and dryer.

Another great feature is that the washer and dryer link up at the beginning of each wash cycle. So you choose the cycle you want to wash your clothes in and then the dryer gets a nice little message from the washer telling the dryer how long and at what temp the load coming up needs. Another time-saving hack!

And finally, the washer can actually function as a washer/dryer combo for loads under 2 pounds. So once it’s finished washing the clothes, the washer pulls air from the vent and circulates a fan to dry the clothes without heat.

One Month with Our Front Load Washer and Dryer

It’s been about a month since we made what felt like a huge decision on purchasing our front loaders, and I have to say we have zero regrets. We really love the venting feature, which helps to sanitize and clean the rubber mat.

The size of the washer and dryer is large, so it’s so much easier to clean and dry bedding and slipcovers. That’s a huge deal when you’re cleaning sheets for multiple beds, several times a month.

GE Ultrafresh Washer and Dryer review, leaving the door open to keep it fresh.

For maintenance and extra care, we leave the door open when it’s not in use, wipe down the rubber mat occasionally and routinely use washing machine cleaner.

Like any bigger purchase, it takes a lot of time and research to make a decision on what to purchase. I’m so happy with our new washer and dryer, and have zero complaints to say about them so far.

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