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Simple & Serene Bedroom Inspiration

If you're looking for simple and serene bedroom design inspiration, check out this collection of simple bedroom furniture, accessories, rugs, and more.

This week I am sharing simple and serene bedroom inspiration, with splurge and save options as well. There is something so peaceful about hints of blue mixed with linen and white bedding. Add in natural decor, plants, and coastal art, and you will create a serene atmosphere.

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Bedroom Furniture for Simple Bedroom Design

Image shows two queen size beds, both with ivory upholstered headboards and white linens. These simple beds are perfect for a simple bedroom design.
Two white bedroom room dressers. The dresser on the left is a 6-drawer dresser that's a "splurge" at $999. The dresser on the left has 8 dresser drawers and costs $249.

When designing a simple bedroom, try to incorporate an upholstered bed with white side tables and dressers. Another option, include a natural wood bed with white accent furniture. I love mixing furniture for a curated look, instead of purchasing a matching set.

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Bedding for a Serene and Simple Bedroom Design

Image shows two side by side pictures of linen quilts, both white, with different fabric textures. The quilt on the left is a splurge at $239. The quilt on the right is a budget friendly option at only $79.

I’m not going to go into specifics of bedding choices because that is for another post. This is cosmetically focused, with higher quality products. I will include a few of our favorite bedding choices online, with splurge and save options as well.

Bedroom Rugs for a Simple Bedroom Design

Image shows two side-by-side rugs that are perfect for a serene and simple bedroom design. These two rugs are light blue with intricate Victorian style patterns. The rug on the left is a splurge at $1198, white the rug on the right is a more affordable $288.

There are several different types of rugs to choose from when designing your bedroom. I prefer something soft underfoot. While natural fiber rugs are beautiful under beds, try layering a soft rug on top to keep your bedroom comfortable.

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Simple Bedroom Decor & Accessories

These two bedroom lamps are perfect for a simple bedroom design. The lamp on the left has a glass body and gold hardware with a tan lampshade. The lamp on the right has a slimmer round glass body and white lampshade.

I feel like it’s important to keep your bedroom personal. What are some ways to do that? Include your favorite books in the decor. Stack a few books on the bedside table, then top it with a decor object. Select a plant that thrives in your bedroom lighting to keep the air fresh. Pick out a piece of art that makes you happy. Finally, surround yourself with items that give you peace.

This coastal landscape artwork shows a serene green grassy bluff overlooking the ocean with white clouds in the sky. This painting is the perfect accessory in a serene and simple bedroom design.
Alison Junda Coastal Art

I hope this bedroom inspiration is helpful and you can find more of my decor inspiration here. Next week I hope to share two rooms, be on the lookout by signing up for email updates.

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