Rectangular Coffee Tables

I recently shared my love for round coffee tables and while I truly do love a round option, I personally decided to go with a rectangular coffee table for my own living room. You truly can’t go wrong with either of these classic shapes and both have their pros and cons. Keep reading to learn all about our new rectangular coffee table and my favorite ways to style it for the upcoming season!

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How to style an open natural wood coffee table that's rectangular in a living room.

Round vs. Rectangular

If you’re shopping for your own home, you may have stumbled onto my blog looking for all the answers to your coffee table dilemmas. Lucky for you, I’ve done my fair share of furniture shopping and have also had both a round and rectangular coffee table in my living space.

Styling a rectangular coffee table with  trays and coffee table books in a light and airy living room.
Round coffee table with decor styled on top.

Both styles are so classic and timeless, and they tend to look good in just about any room. However, there are some things to consider if you’re debating between the two styles. You can read all about the pros of a round coffee table here – like them being safer for kids and saving space in tight spaces.

Styling a round coffee table with two bench seat sofas in a living room.

Rectangular coffee tables have their benefits too. They’re the most popular choice for people, making them easy to find in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They can also work in both small and large rooms, depending on the size. Rectangular coffee tables also help direct the flow of a room that may feel otherwise unbalanced.

Keeping the flow of traffic open with a rectangular coffee table and two chairs.

They’re great in rooms that are a bit more closed off, since you won’t be walking around the furniture frequently to get to other areas of your home. Just like with the round coffee table, it’s all about balance in a room. If you have furniture that lends itself to a more plush, curvy style or round mirrors and end tables, then a rectangular coffee table can help balance those things out.


Rectangle Coffee Table Size

A standard coffee table is anywhere between 40 to 60 inches long and 20 to 30 inches wide. I recommend looking for a coffee table that’s about 2/3 the length of your sofa to ensure that it fits your room nicely and doesn’t look too large or too small.

If you have a smaller living room, like in a typical apartment, I’d go for something 40-48″ in length. If you have a larger living room where you can fit a 3 person sofa and a few chairs chairs, then I’d recommend going with something at least 54 inches long.

Secondhand rectangular coffee table styled with large sectional.

Height-wise, it’s best to get a coffee table that’s as similar in height to the seat of your sofa as possible. If it’s too short or too tall, it can look off and feel awkward to use, taking all the practicality out of the piece.

Layout wise, I prefer rectangular coffee tables with a couch on one long side and either two chairs on the opposite long side, or a chair flanking each shorter end, depending on your space. This makes a great layout for easy conversation and allows you to get a lot of use out of your rectangular coffee table.

Rectangular coffee table styled with a large sectional.

If you have a sectional, I think round coffee tables pair best to help break up all the angles. It’s recommended to leave at least 17 inches of space on each side of the coffee table to allow plenty of room for walking.

Styling a Rectangular Coffee Table

Another great thing about rectangular coffee tables is all the surface area for storage and decorating! I love starting with a round or rectangular tray to contain everything. I then stack some neutral books that coordinate with the rest of my home to add height and bring in some personal touches.

How to decorate the top of a rectangular coffee table.

I always incorporate a decorative piece, like these marble linksdecorative beads, or a nice candle to keep it interesting. Pretty coasters are another functional must-have item for my coffee table tray! Lastly, add some life and texture with greenery or flowers-real or faux-to keep things fresh!

It’s important to make sure your coffee table decor is cohesive with the rest of your space and styling. In my home, I have to make sure that my bookshelves and coffee table are styled similarly to make the spaces feel consistent.

My Favorite Rectangular Coffee Tables

There are so many gorgeous trends right now when it comes to coffee tables. I’m sure you’ve seen the super popular rectangular concrete coffee tables. I love this look for almost any design style, especially if you’re in the market for a modern rectangular coffee table. I also love the concrete look for outdoors!

Open rectangular coffee table with two sofas and two chairs.

Wood is always a classic choice and mango wood has been popping up everywhere lately. You know how I love light wood tones! However, be on the look out for a change in furniture trends and consider incorporating darker and richer wood tones into your space.

Anything with a spindle leg is a win in my book and I’m always down for white furniture too! My own coffee table is from Celadon, but I’ve rounded up my top picks below including some similar looks. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Roundup of the best rectangle coffee tables for every budget.


Secondhand Rectangle Coffee Tables

As a thrift store lover, I recommend starting at the thrift stores when searching for coffee tables. I see them a lot and you can transform them into what you would like in your home. Next, search Facebook Marketplace. A few tips for searching on Facebook Marketplace? Widen your search to include towns a few hours away. Once you start entering key terms, like “coffee table,” “table,” “pottery barn,” and etc., Facebook will start making suggestions for online and secondhand options.

Rectangular Coffee Tables

If you’re searching for the perfect piece to pull together your living room, try out a rectangular coffee table. They’re classic, practical, and make a great focal point in any room. Add the perfect styling pieces on top and you can totally transform a space into something magazine-worthy. Do you have a favorite rectangular table from my selections? Let me know below and stay tuned to check out my living room refresh for the upcoming holidays!

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