Sherwin Williams Pediment Paint Color (SW 7634)

Is it gray? Is it taupe? Maybe a greige? Pediment by Sherwin Williams could be seen as all of the above. Pediment has soft, warm undertones that make it the perfect taupe paint color for your interior walls or exterior accents.

If you’ve followed my blog over the summer, you know that we recently redid the exterior of our home along with a complete makeover of our coastal porch. After deciding on Charleston White (DCR100) by Sherwin Williams for the exterior, I had to find the best neutral paint color for our shutters – a color that would suit our home and coastal landscaping. The solution? You guessed it – Pediment!

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Coastal home painted with Charleston White and Pediment by Sherwin Williams as an accent color on the shutters.

Pediment Paint Color

If you’re looking for a light, neutral paint color that has just the right amount of warmth for your smaller rooms, home office, or exterior accents, you should give this shade a try. Pediment by Sherwin Williams is the best taupe color to accent white paint. Pediment is a greige paint color with the perfect amount of warmth that won’t look overly grey or beige for your home. Read on to learn everything you will need to know about this popular neutral paint color!

Pediment LRV

LRV is “Light Reflectance Value” which means how light or dark a paint color will look on a scale of 0 to 100 (black to white). It is figured out by how much light is absorbed or reflected from a paint color. The LRV is important to understand when looking at different paint colors and settings with different lighting in your home. You’ll find it located in each paint chip description from the manufacturer.

Pediment paint color by Sherwin Williams is the best greige color on shutters and accenting white.

Pediment (SW 7634) has a LVR of 61, a lighter shade, which makes it both neutral and versatile. And with strong undertones of red, purple, and pink, your options of where to use this gem of a color are boundless. Always consider undertones when choosing placement and complementary colors for your home. You may see Pediment as a gray paint, but if you hold it up against a darker gray or against a white, you’ll see the purple and pink peek through. 

The best taupe paint color, pediment by Sherwin Williams has warmth and looks great with warm white paints.

Pediment Undertones

In a room with north-facing light, Pediment may look like a warm gray. With a south-facing light, its warmth really comes through and you’ll see those undertones pop. Because of those purple and pink undertones, this paint color may not be suited for your entire exterior.

However, it’s an exceptional option for accents, like the shutters on our white exterior. Pediment is the perfect greige paint color. A mix of cool and warm tones. Consider Pediment for roofs, stones, and other accent pieces. Keep in mind that the direction your house faces has a role in how paint looks at certain times of the day. If you’re looking for a stand alone color that is a bit darker, you’ll love Balboa Mist OC-27 by Benjamin Moore.


Warm Greige Paint Color

Greige is a description you’ll hear frequently in the design world. It has been so popular, that it is a common theme when decorating neutral spaces. Simply put, greige paint colors are a blend of grey and beige. They’re not exactly grey, yet they’re not fully beige. Not too cool and not too warm, greige paint colors are the perfect blend of both! Beware, not all greige paints are alike and they’re like chameleons, they’ll change their undertones depending on the light and time of day!

Pediment is the perfect greige paint color that pairs well with white paint.
Pediment by Sherwin Williams used on shutters to accent white paint.

We’ve talked about LRV and undertone. Next, we can look at cool versus warm colors. Cool colors can feel crisp and clean with blue, green, or purple undertones. While warm colors usually have undertones of red, orange, or yellow – making a room feel inviting and cozy. 

Pediment’s hexadecimal color code (an identifier used to represent a color on the web or for digital marketing assets) is #d3cccf. This code is comprised of these RGB colors: 82.75% red, 80% green, and 76.86% blue, so you can see how those colors might combine to form its unique taupe/gray appearance. 

It’s truly unique because it has both cool and warm elements while leaning more toward the warm side. Depending on the lighting, surrounding paint colors, and décor, you really could use Pediment in a warm or cool setting with the right balance.

Pediment by Sherwin Williams is the best taupe paint color.

There are so many greys and taupes to choose from. With almost the same LRV, Sherwin William’s Popular Gray is so similar to Pediment, you may have a hard time seeing the difference. Pediment’s warmth, however, feels a bit more subtle. Remember, undertones can make all the difference in paint color selection.

Complimentary Colors

We chose Charleston White for the exterior of our home because it’s not too bright, too yellow, or too gray and looks good in all types of light. Older homes typically pair well with warm whites because of the abundance of beige and cream finishes. There is a reason this color is one of the most popular in Charleston, South Carolina and loved by many. If you call any paint store, they’ll know this color immediately because it is that popular! Pediment works so well as an accent for our exterior because of the neutral tones in Charleston White

Pediment by Sherwin Williams used to paint shutters and accent paint color to warm white paint.

In addition to warm whites, Pediment could pair well in a palette with smoky grey; blends of blue, green and gray; or just blue-gray blends. Or, keep in mind that using a color in the same color deck is a sure bet for a complimentary color. Here are some suggestions:

White paint combinations that pair with Pediment by Sherwin Williams.

The best way to find out if Pediment is right for your space is to grab a sample and try it out in your home! If you’re looking for a white paint color that goes well with Pediment, look for warm tones. Pin the above image for your next paint project. You’ll find my favorite white paint colors here.

Pediment by Sherwin Williams (7634)

How do you feel about using Pediment in your home? Do you have accent areas outside that would benefit from the warmth and depth of this awesome color? Pediment was exactly what we needed to give our exterior a timeless, classic, and clean appeal paired with Charleston White. If you need some guidance on using whites, check out my paint posts to find the best option. I’m a sucker for crisp, white walls so you’ll find all the information you need.

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