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Serena & Lily Looks for Less

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If you love a good look for less and way to save, you’re in the right spot! I own and love several items from Serena & Lily. They are splurge worthy at times but I love helping you find ways to save and “get the look” for less.

Serena & Lily is a high-end home and lifestyle brand that offers sophisticated products for the home. They’re coastal-inspired with luxury and timeless design. There are several locations across the United States and outlet locations as well. We’re fortunate to live within driving distance of the Bluffton, SC outlet.

Outdoor porch furniture from Serena & lily.

The Serena & Lily Style and How to Achieve the Look on a Budget

When I think of Serena & Lily, I think of a Nancy Meyer’s. An idealic coastal cottage with white hydrangeas perfectly poised along a white picket fence and the perfect rattan swings swaying in the sea breeze. Or perhaps, a stroll along homes in Palm Beach with pink doors and capiz shell lights. Finally, my own home here in Charleston, where we have several white wicker pieces with splashes of cornflower blue and natural accents.

I’m breaking down some of the best-selling and most popular items available at Serena & Lily and sharing ways to save to get the same look at a fraction of the cost. We have several of the high-end pieces and we have some of the budget-friendly options as well. Here are a few of my favorites!

Rattan & Natural Pieces

Rattan furniture is popular choice if you’re seeking a natural and stylish look for your home decor. Whether used indoor or outdoor, rattan furniture exudes a casual vibe that is perfectly coastal. If you’re looking to add woven texture to your space, you’ll love these budget-friendly items.

Rattan perfect for your interior and outdoor spaces. We have several pieces from Serena and Lily that have held up so nicely over the years. We also own outdoor pieces from Walmart that have a very similar look. They are a bit smaller and not performance fabric, but they are great pieces and look amazing after a year of use! Get the white Serena & Lily furniture look from Walmart.

I wanted Serena & Lily counter stools in our kitchen renovation, but they were not in my budget. I went with a great look for less from World Market. We love these counter stools and I receive so many compliments on them.

I love the warmth that a rattan dresser adds to a space, like in Theo’s big boy room. We’re still working on the final designs for the space but I purchased these rattan pieces and love them!

Shop these woven and rattan kitchen stools for every budget here.

Bedding & Pillows

A lot of the items available at Serena & Lily are luxurious, like white and neutral linen bedding. They have beautifully patterned quilts and sheets, along with gorgeous throw pillows. I find a lot of the same styled pillows at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods. Just keep in mind that their stock fluctuates and might sell out quickly.

Outdoor pillows from Amazon with blue and gingham, floral, and natural.
Shop Our Outdoor Space Here

I recently found these gingham pillows with frayed edges and floral tassel pillows from Amazon. They’re indoor-outdoor and such a great deal! I also use these outdoor pillow inserts.


A lot of the mirrors offered at Serena & Lily are made from natural products like rattan and cane. Some are elegant with aged brass. Whichever look you desire, you can save with the budget-friendly options below.

Blue nightstand with gold arched mirror and glass lamp.
Shop This Space Here
Shop the post


Lighting is expensive. No doubt about it, but it is also something that we hope to use for years to come. Whatever your budget, I’ve sound some great Serena & Lily lighting options for less.

Foyer with natural fiber rug, blue and white lamp, and round pedestal table.
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Rugs are another higher priced piece of home decor. A rug will ground a space and make a room feel cozy and “put together.” I do recommend purchasing rugs that are quality made, so some of the lower budget items might still seem expensive. That’s because I believe quality matters when shopping for rugs.

Serena & Lily Looks for Less on Amazon

I currently have an idea list on Amazon with 100+ items to achieve the coastal look. You’ll find my favorite home decor with lots of rattan, neutrals, and calming picks for your home in my storefront.

I hope you love these Serena & Lily-inspired home looks for less and they help to elevate your living spaces without breaking the bank. With a little inspiration and savvy shopping, you can transform your home into a haven of timeless elegance and coastal chic, all while staying within your budget. Happy decorating!

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