Gold Mirrors

One of the best ways to add light and make a room look larger is by adding a mirror. When you walk into most rooms in my home, you’ll find a strategically placed gold mirror. Why gold? Because I love the look of antiqued brass mirrors. Whether the gold mirrors are round, rectangular, floor length, or another shape, they all serve a purpose in our home decor.

I recently got lucky and bought the popular Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror on Facebook Marketplace for a fraction of the retail price. I love the look and think it’s going to look amazing in my new office. Are you looking to buy a new or used gold mirror? This post is for you!

Bathroom vanity with large and narrow rectangular gold mirrors.

Gold mirrors – whether they’re round, oval, rectangular, etc. – have become so popular in recent years and for good reason! Gold mirrors look amazing in almost any space and can really elevate a room. Keep on reading to hear about the best ways to style your own gold mirror and my favorite places to find them at any budget!

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Finding the Right Gold Mirror

Finding the right mirror for your space is easy if you follow these recommendations. Look for the right shape and the perfect size of mirror for the space. If your room is full of sharp angles, soften it with a round mirror. Also, there is a common mistake in design, not selecting the right sized item for the wall or room. I typically say selecting the larger item is better, but it just depends on the space. Most frequently I notice that mirrors are too small in their area of decor. Keep reading for my tips on finding the right shape, size, and style of gold mirror for your home.

Gold Mirror Shapes

If you have a room in your house that could use a little something extra, I highly recommend looking for a gold mirror or brass mirror to fill the space. Depending on the area, you may opt for a round mirror or you may be looking for something more rectangular. There are also unique shapes, like the Primrose mirror, which is more of an arch.

Round gold mirror above bed with two gold sconces.

If you’re buying a gold mirror as an accent in a room or for over a small piece of furniture, I’d recommend going with a round or oval option. It can help break up all the angles of the furniture and add some visual interest to the room. If you’ll be placing the mirror over a large piece of furniture like a dresser or buffet, I’d recommend a large rectangular mirror in landscape orientation to match the scale of the furniture. I also like large rectangular mirrors in bedrooms or offices when they’re being used as a statement piece or as a full length mirror for getting ready.

Large round gold mirror above bed.

Both shapes are so timeless – you truly can’t go wrong! But just like with any piece of furniture, it’s all about balance in a room. If you have furniture that lends itself to a more plush, curvy style or a round coffee table or end tables, then a rectangular mirror can help balance those things out and vice versa.

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Gold Mirror Size

Depending on what you plan on using your gold mirror for, there are many different size options. For example, if you plan on leaning the mirror against the wall and using it for getting ready or as a statement piece, it’s recommended to find one at least 64 inches high. If you plan to hang a full length mirror, it’s recommended that it’s at least half your height to ensure that the mirror can capture your full frame.

Arched gold mirrors on nightstands.

If you’re looking for an accent mirror for an area over a console, buffet, or couch, try to find one that’s at least 50-75% of the width of the piece of furniture it’s going over. If your mirror is going above a mantel, use the lines of the mantle as your guide for hanging the mirror – for example, don’t get a mirror that’s bigger than the outer frame of the mantel or much smaller than the inner frame.

My Favorite Gold Mirrors

There are so many gorgeous trends right now when it comes to mirrors. If you like the look of a vintage gold mirror, then you’re in luck! After the Primrose mirror craze, many retailers took to creating their own looks for less.

Antique gold mirror above desk in bedroom.

If you don’t feel like spending big money on the Anthropologie option, you can find some amazing dupes at places like Kirkland’s, World Market, Hobby Lobby, and Wayfair. If you prefer to keep things more clean and simple or modern, you can never go wrong with a sleek gold frame. I’ve rounded up several of my favorites below!

Rectangular mirror above bathroom sink.

Rectangular Gold Mirrors

When we remodeled our bathroom, we needed narrow mirrors for the space. A long rectangular mirror helped fill the space. There are several rectangular gold mirror options on the market that are timeless, like these below.

Round Gold Mirrors

Looking for a round mirror to soften the space? These options are great for any space. I love the detail and added flare on a few of my favorite round gold mirrors.

Arched, Oblong, and Oversized Floor Mirrors

Arched and oversized mirrors are popular for good reason, they’re eye-catching and statement pieces. I own and love several of these mirrors!

The top gold mirrors for every budget with brass arched mirrors, floor mirrors, and more.


Buying Secondhand Gold Mirrors

As a thrift store lover, I recommend starting at the thrift stores when searching for big ticket items like mirrors or large pieces of furniture. It might require some digging, but you can find so many hidden (and unique!) gems at thrift stores! Next, search Facebook Marketplace. A few tips for searching on Facebook Marketplace? Widen your search to include towns a few hours away. Once you start entering key terms, like “gold mirror,” “brass mirror,” “anthropologie,” etc., Facebook will start making suggestions for online and secondhand options that can save you big bucks.

Styling a Gold Mirror

One thing I love about a gold mirror or brass mirror is all the options for styling it. As mentioned above, they really look good in just about any room – bathroom, living room, bedroom, or entryway. They also make a space look instantly bigger and brighter, which is a win in my book!

Bedroom with arched gold mirrors above blue dressers.

If you plan to hang your mirror on the wall, it’s best to hang it at eye level, which ranges between 57 and 65 inches from the center of the mirror to the floor. If possible, it is recommended to leave at least one foot above and below your mirror when hanging as well. If you’d rather not put holes in your walls, I love the look of leaning mirrors up against the wall when placed on top of a dresser of buffet. And an added bonus? This makes it easy to move the mirror around when you want to mix things up!

Bathroom decorated with brass mirrors that are narrow and tall above bathroom vanity.

During the holidays I like to hang a natural looking garland on top of my gold mirror, or even put a wreath in the middle with some pretty ribbon for a festive touch!

Gold Mirrors

If you’re looking for a piece to really brighten up a room or fill some empty wall space, I highly recommend finding a gold or brass mirror! There are so many options that are perfect for almost any home and it can be just the right thing to pull a room together. Do you have a favorite from my list above? Let me know below and be sure to stay tuned for our new living room fireplace reveal in the next few weeks!

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