Closet Organization with Closets by Liberty Hardware

How to organize a closet using the new Closets by Liberty closet organizing systems. These easy systems allow for simple organization of shoes, clothing and more in your closets.
Closets by Liberty closet organizing systems make it easy to organize your closet - everything from clothes to accessories like flowers and vases, boxes, and more.

How to Organize a Closet Using the New Closets by Liberty Systems

I’m excited to share a new closet organization partnership that I have been working on for past several months. Liberty Hardware asked me to feature their new Closets by Liberty systems in our home. I love the look of custom built-in closets and was so excited to install these closet systems in several areas of our home. So how did I design and install them all by myself? I’m sharing the before and after images, along with the installation process with you today!

This post is sponsored by Liberty Hardware. I was given the closet systems in exchange for my honest review. Everything in this post is genuine and my own opinion for the new closet systems. This post also contains affiliate links where I will receive commission from your clicks and purchases. You can read more about my disclosures here.

Our Previous Closets

Looking back at these images, I have to laugh at the amount of pillows that I stored in my closet. I’ve always joked that I would rather buy a designer pillow than buy a designer handbag. I’m pretty sure this image is evidence of that statement! Scott and I try to keep a simple wardrobe and we do not keep items in excess. I prefer to only own one or two items that are similar in color or style. Therefore, organizing our closets was not a large task!

Before our Closets by Liberty closet organizing system, our master walk in closet was disorganized with clothes hanging everywhere, wire racks for shoes, and pillows stored on the upper shelves
My master walk-in closet (left).
Before installing our new Closets by Liberty closet organizing system, our closet was stocked with wire shelves that messily housed piles of folded clothes, pillows, hats, and other random items.
My master walk-in closet (right).

Installing the New Closets by Liberty Closet Organizing Systems

When Liberty Hardware reached out and asked to partner on this project, I was so excited. I love organizing and I was really impressed with the aesthetics of their closet systems. But first, I had to remove the dreaded wire closet system, repair the walls, and paint in preparation for the new closet systems. Removing the wire closets in our master bathroom was fairly easy and I complete the task by myself. I had to patch the holes and then spent the next few days painting the closets. I painted the closets with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Closet Organizing Systems Used

Each system comes with 3 drawers, 11 shelves, 3 rods, and standard hardware. We ordered additional hardware to match our decor.

Empty wire racks in our master walk in closet wait to be removed and replaced with Closets by Liberty closet organizing systems.
Previous wire closet system in the master closets.
Installing our new Closets by Liberty closet organizing systems!
Installing the new closet systems in the master closets.

The “toy closet” was a large project in itself. We decided to move the closet opening from our living room and have the closet open from our future office. That way, we eliminated two doors in the living space and allowed for another wall to feature beautiful art. We installed pocket doors and relocated the closet to add another “room” aka office to our floor plan. The office will serve as a multifunctional room, housing a sleeper sectional for guests and lounging, and the downstairs toy closet for our children. I love how it turned out and cannot wait to reveal that room. For now, enjoy the organized play closet!

The empty walk-in closet doors stand open, reveling empty wire racks and shelves which will soon be replaced with Closets By Liberty closet organizing systems.
Toy closet that opened to the living room.
The kid's toy shelf is messy and unorganized. We removed the toy shelf from the office closet while re renovate our office space.
Previous toy storage that was in the living room closet.
Our future office renovation in progress. For optimal storage, we moved the office closet and plan to install a new closet organizing system.
View from the future office as we relocated the closet.

Finally, I had a few pieces leftover from the closet systems so I transformed our utility closet into an “all seasons” closet. It now houses our summer and winter coats, hats, swimsuits, beach towels, pool and boat bag, and shoes that the kids wear on a daily basis. I also plan to attach hooks on one wall for school bags. This is a small closet but it is one of the most used closets in our home. It’s location is right by the garage door and perfect for housing all of these items.

Our New Closets Comeplete with Closets By Liberty Systems

Our new closet organizing system allows for neat and simple closet organization, with plenty of space for hanging clothes, accessory storage, and so much more.
My closet immediatly after I installed the closet system. I was waiting on different hardware to arrive.

The Closets by Liberty systems were incredibly easy to install. It took me weeks to accomplish this task because I was only able to work on them while the kids were napping. I also love how you can customize the system to fit your needs. For example, I wanted more drawer units in my closets and more shelves in Scotts closet. It was easy to switch out the pieces with each system.

Our new closet organizing systems with drawer and cabinet hardware installed. We picked simple brass hardware for the closer drawers.
Master closet with new champagne bronze hardware.
More closet organization and storage using the Closets By Liberty system! This section of the closet holds clothes, shoes, and pants while leaving plenty of room for storage of boxes and handbags.
Ride side of my master closet.
My husband's side of the closet, organized with the new Closets By Liberty systems! Now my husband has plenty of room to hang all his shirts, pants, and even store hats, shoes, and more.
Scott’s master closet.
Another look at my husband's side of the master closet - shirts, pants, and baseball caps all organized with hangers and baskets.
Scott’s master closet.
Our new closet organization storage comes with plenty of room to store and display important items, like a hockey jersey and soccer ball.
Additional tower in corner of Scott’s master closet.
Scott's championship hockey jersey and autographed soccer ball are displayed perfectly in our new closet organizing system.
I want to frame Scott’s championship hockey jersey but thought this was a great place to display it for now (along with his autographed soccer ball).
Our Closets By Liberty closet system allows us to have an all seasons closet, which houses winter coats and jackets, blankets, and more.
All seasons closets hosting our winter and light weight coats, along with shoes that our children wear frequently. We are also storing our pool towels and bag, swimsuits, socks, and winter hats and gloves here.
In our all seasons closet, we have plenty of room to store beach towels, pool bags, and even winter jackets without clutter.
Easy access for our beach towels and pool bag.
A look into our all seasons closet, which gives us ample room to store the kid's winter jackets, snow boots, and various pairs of shoes.
The kids now have shelving to store their shoes.
Our new toy closet is perfectly organized with the Closets By Liberty closet systems. With plenty of space for baskets of toys, craft supplies, books, and more, our office stays clean and organized.
The new toy closet that is located in the future office/multi-functional space. We store all of our games, puzzles, dress-up, art, crafts, legos, and baby toys here.

What We Love About the New Closet Organizing System

  • Aluminum & Sturdy
  • Easy Assembly
  • Customization
  • Easy Reconfigurability

I hope you enjoyed our new closet organization. I’m thrilled with our new closet systems and our custom closets. I cannot wait to share more of our projects with you!

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