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Coastal Playroom Inspiration with Serena & Lily

It is finally time to start revealing our coastal playroom makeover and how I am working with Serena & Lily to accomplish the look! Our playroom serves as a guest room as well, so I am creating a space that can be shared and enjoyed by guests and children. I plan to incorporate a hanging rattan chair, new wallpaper on an accent wall, a daybed that serves as a sitting area but pulls out to a bed, and several play areas for the kids. Today, I’m sharing my design inspiration and our new hanging rattan chair from Serena & Lily!

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Design Inspiration for the Coastal Style Kids Playroom

Coastal playroom inspiration with blue striped wallpaper, Serena & Lily hanging ratting chair, kid's table and bistro chairs, natural rug, brass wall sconces, and more.  #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor


We have always wanted a large playroom upstairs, but it is important to include a space for extra guests to sleep. The room will be used as a playroom 90% of the time and allow privacy for our guests to sleep. When designing a playroom, it is also important to incorporate room for toy storage, play centers, a reading nook, and more.

Kids Playroom Furniture: Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair

This hanging chair from Serena and Lily is perfect for the kids playroom! The  blue and white linens are soft and coastal and it's a great reading spot for the kids. #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor

The new hanging rattan chair arrived for the playroom and it is so cute! It brings so much warmth and fun into the room design. The hanging rattan chair from Serena & Lily is inspired by a Scandinavian design from the 60s, the sculptural frame is hand-made of bent rattan with a scooped seat that cradles you as you float.

I love the fabrics on the pillows of this hanging rattan Serena and Lily chair in the kids coastal style playroom #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor
This hanging rattan chair from Serena and Lily is decorated with soft blue and white throw pillows and a soft faux fur blanket, and hangs in our kids coastal style playroom. #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor
The heavy duty frame on this hanging ratting chair from Serena and Lily makes it the perfect playroom furniture for the kid's playroom. #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor

The chair hangs by a heavy-duty loop and rope, so it’s super sturdy. While professional installation is recommended, my husband felt confident in hanging it. He hung it from a support beam with a very sturdy hook. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds.

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I love this little reading corner in my kids' coastal style playroom, complete with a Serena and Lilly hanging ratting chair, a built in bookshelf, colorful art prints, and a small arts and crafts table. #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor
A hanging ratting chair from Serena and Lily is a focal point in my kids' coastal style playroom, perfect for reading fun books from the built in half bookshelf against the back wall. #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor

The kids are loving relaxing in the chair. I hoped to make this a cozy spot for reading and my six year has already staked his claim. Our family has a rule for this chair. It can only be used for relaxing and reading. Any rough play and the culprit will lose privileges to sit in the chair. I’ll let you know how it goes!

A coastal style playroom is complete with a hanging ratting chair from Serena and Lily, a built bookshelf adorned with books and toys, and comfy blue and white blankets and pillows. #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor
My kids love quite reading time in the hanging Serena and Lily chair in their playroom! It's the perfect place to curl up and enjoy a fun book.  #coastal #coastalplayroom #blueplayroom #coastalkidsroom #serenaandlily #serenaandlilychair #hangingchair #rattanchair #bluedecor

What’s Next for the Coastal Style Kids Playroom?

What is next with this playroom design? I need to select which wallpaper I will use for the accent wall. I’m torn between a fun and nautical print or a simple design. I will share a few of my favorite wallpapers for a coastal playroom soon! Once I decide on the wallpaper, I will need to select a rug. Then, I will start adding the fun accents. I can’t wait to share the rest of the plans with you soon!

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